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DVR whole house competition


DVR whole house competition

Xfinity (Comcast Cable) is advertising in my area that their whole house DVR can record 5 HD shows and watch a 6th show at the same time.  Does anyone know if Uverse is going to keep up with competition?

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Re: DVR whole house competition

With the advent of Project VIP, I predict that we are going to be seeing faster profiles in the future.  With those faster profiles we are going to be not only seeing faster Internet speed tiers like we are seeing being tested in California but I also see a number of improvements with their IPTV service coming down the line as well.

The VRAD K-Card for instance, has been shown to be able to put out 100 Mbps at the VRAD cross-connect point and lose anywhere from 5 to 10 Mbps per 1000 feet of loop length depending upon line conditions.  Combine the fact that the new Motorola NVG589 has been shown to be able to sync at far faster speeds than the current line of iNIDs is even more promising.

Combine the fact that the K-Card can put out a faster sync speed and maintain that faster sync speed on longer loop lengths with the Motorola NVG589 gateway that already shows that we can sync at faster speeds even on the older F-Cards, I see the ability to have profile rates as high as 75 to 100 Mbps even at loop lengths as long as 3000 to 3500 feet and with the aid of pair-bonding we're going to see sync rates as high as that even on loop lengths as long as 4000 to 4500 feet.  Just when you thought VDSL was dead, it's coming back with more to give.

I do see in the future most if not all of the VRADs are going to be getting a hardware refit in the form of getting the new K-Cards.  Some of the field techs hate the old F-Cards due to their high rate of failure.  Who knows how many ports in the VRADs can't be used due to the fact that the port on the card is bad.  The new K-Cards have been showing far better reliability.  Already I'm seeing some things happening to local VRADs where they are being worked on by AT&T technicians so they very well could be gearing up for a nationwide VRAD hardware refit.

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