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DVR skipping when watching High Def shows


DVR skipping when watching High Def shows

When watching certain high definition programs from the DVR I get freezing, stuttering, and skipping at times.  If I rewind and play it back, the problems are gone only to re-occur at another point. 


I have not noticed any problems with live TV or standard definition programs from the DVR. 


I think the problem may be made worse because I have a powerline adapter in order to get decent internet access in one part of my house.  We have a lot of wifi interferance in our area which makes the wifi solutions not so good.


We had a tech support person come out a few months ago and they made some changes to our home wiring saying we had some coaxial connections active which we aren't using and they tightened all of the connections.  We didn't notice any improvement after that, but they did manage to disconnect our phone lines requiring another tech to come out to fix that problem.  We've been reluctant to call tech support to come out again since they made things temporarily worse the last time and didn't fix the problem.


Could this be a powerline adapter problem, is there any way to improve the problem?  Any suggestions how we can get this resolved? 



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Re: DVR skipping when watching High Def shows

If the problems happen on playback, and move around in the recording during the playback, then the issue is between your DVR and your STB doing the playback.  Which makes sense, because your line stats are good enough.


How is all your AT&T U-verse equipment connected to each other?  Include the Residential Gateway (RG, or "modem"), the DVR and all STB.  Include any coax diplexors, spliters.  Include any Ethernet cabling and switches.  Include how your powerline adapators are involved, if they are.



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Re: DVR skipping when watching High Def shows

My DVR/STB is connected to the RG via ethernet cable.  That TV is standard def and has no problems.


The other two set-top boxes (one on SD TV and one HD TV) are connected by coaxial cable.  As best I can tell, the coaxial cable goes from the RG to the wall, and then to a splitter (I think it is a splitter) that sends the signal to the two wall jacks.  Coax cable from the wall jacks to the STB. 


The powerline adapter is not connected to any of the STB's.  An ethernet cable out from the RG goes to the powerline adapter and the other end of the powerline adapter connects to a printer, a desktop computer, and to a TV (for streaming through amazon, youtube, netflix, etc).

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Re: DVR skipping when watching High Def shows

Rick_M2 - Good description. I would expect the problem to be in the coax rather than the powerline adapters.

The tech did the right thing trying to clean up your coax. The problem with coax is it is unknown what you cannot see.

What you can do is make sure all connections are real tight. Maybe back them off & tighten with a wrench, but don't over torque.

Since you had a tech - you must have compression fittings & the right splitter. What you cannot see is hidden in the walls - barrel connector or another splitter. You have wall plates?? Is the wire behind the plate tight.

The best way to see if it is the coax is to connect cat5. Any way you can do that, just as a test. I would get a long cable from monoprice,com & run it in the open.

The only open issue is - How is the NID connected to the RG?? If it is COAX, you have a diplexer connecting the feed and distribution. To make the cat5 distribution test fully effective, you would have to replace the diplexer with a barrel connector.
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Re: DVR skipping when watching High Def shows

 I have a skipping problem: Only with HD 'recorded' content. Only on the wireless receiver. The recorded material plays back fine on the dvr box. The wireless receiver will play 'unrecorded' content both in SD and HD without skipping. Only with HD 'recorded' content does the pause and skip occur.

What we have done.

I've called and gone through the 'power' reset by pushing and holding the button on the wireless receiver.

I've unplugged the unit, waited and re-plugged. I've pushed the 'ok and down arrow' simultaneously. I've wired the wireless receiver to the residential gateway. (the dvr box is ethernet connected to the RG) None of those things has resolved the issue. It comes back within 30 minutes.


I had the wireless receiver replaced with a new wireless receiver. Two weeks have gone by and now that box is beginning to pause and skip on HD recorded content.

Other info,

I live next to radio towers. ATT upgraded my wiring and added a new RG this past October. Up to that time, my HD picture would have some pixelation. I 'overheard' the signal reaching my home degrades somewhat to 16Mbs (don't know if that figure is accurate, just overheard it).

What do I do next?

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Re: DVR skipping when watching High Def shows

Zzzyxxx , As no issues with live tv on any receiver, dvr functions properly the issue is only recorded HD content (any SD recordings?)

Ruling out DVR , and its Ethernet connection, cable
RG if flaky port would expect issue with live tv, but try moving cable from WAP to RG to different port (less than 5%).
WAP is MINIMUM 3 feet away from RG, both wireless devices possible bandwidth interference.
Flaky WAP,would expect issues with live HD TV, do you watch much live HD TV on this wifi STB or mostly just recordings?
Distance limitation, or object(s) trying to send signal through, can move either or both wifi stb and WAP for more direct line of sight? If suspect this as possible cause place wifi stb next to closest tv to RG and test, if works fine need to move WAP...again no reported issue with live HD TV , if watched.
Wireless Interference doing time of watching recorded dvr content, does time of day or home activities seem to affect service.

Intermittent issues are difficult to pinpoint, just need to keep ruling out possibilities, could try factory resetting RG to rebuild device list kept in RG, perhaps a corrupt list causing lost communication, reconnecting resulting in noted problem.
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