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DVR programs lost and repeating "signal lost" message


DVR programs lost and repeating "signal lost" message

DVR recordings disappeared.  Also, wireless receiver now freezes on cable every 30 seconds and says "signal lost."  But I can go right to another channel, only this process repeats.  Restarting receiver and gateway does not help.  Thoughts?

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Re: DVR programs lost and repeating "signal lost" message

First unplug everything uverse, factory reset the RG, for 3800, 3801 RGs depress button above power supply connection while plugging in.
The RG will take an update and then reboot, gives 5 minutes or so, once RG is stable (broadband power light solid green) plug in dvr only
Allow dvr to fully cycle (another 5-6 minutes), and check to see if recordings are available(note guide lost and dvr functions normally show 90 - 120 sec after booting.
Once dvr is verified boot the remainder of set tops boxes wired or wireless, again wait several minutes before testing dvr functions on remotes boxes.
If continued problems with wireless receiver verify cable between RG and WAP is solid.

The RG keeps a list of set top boxes connected, including how connected, if configuration is changed (dvr from coax to Ethernet for example) the list needs to be repopulated by factory reset. Many think changing (swapping) dvr solves problem, actually when request for swap is placed telling RG to forget current dvr and seek new dvr and how connected, rebooting the other set top boxes makes sure they are in the list to share functionality.

Note this does restore default see tings so if have custom config for name of network, password, static IP, etc will need to reconfigure after this.
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