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DVR and internet dropping once in awhile and Tech is no help


DVR and internet dropping once in awhile and Tech is no help

My DVR and internet drops from time to time. I finally called a Tech as I lost all my recordings. Tech came and he said that he had to check my lines and I had to move the TV stand. I told him that it is heavy and he just told me that he can come back tomorrow when I can get some help to move the furniture as he is not allowed to move furniture. He did not even bother checking if he can access the phone line without having to move the furniture. I told him I have no help at all to move the furniture and he still did not bother checking if he can reach the connection. I do not understand this policy. When they installed u-verse and internet, I had no issue about moving furniture and now I need technical assistance, this became an issue. I am dropping U-verse and AT&T internet when my contract ends as there is nothing that cannot be done as I cannot move my furniture. Is this common customer service that they cannot help a customer who has no help moving furniture?

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Re: DVR and internet dropping once in awhile and Tech is no help

The basic concept is between tech injuries and damaging customer property all wiring is to be accessible, this is for installs (should be told to have all furniture moved away from wall plates) and repairs. Some techs will move furniture especially for elderly, but are not required to do so.

Therefore best if all jacks and wiring are to left or right of furniture to prevent need to move items, or place furniture on casters or slide pads.
If your dresser or bookcase or computer center or entertainment center is damaged or something breaks you would want to be compensated would you not.
Likewise if a tech suffers a workman's comp injury while moving your heavy furniture ATT has liability either way.
Best way to avoid possible issues is to ask the owner of the items to move and provide access.

If you cannot you will not move item(s) to provide access to your wiring tech is fully within rights to decline service due to no access.
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Re: DVR and internet dropping once in awhile and Tech is no help

To my_thoughs,


Can you write in more complete sentences? It's quite difficult to follow what you are trying to say without having to reread some of your ramblings. While it's within the tech's right to decline service, the poster is suggesting that the tech didn't even bother to look to see if the cables were even accessible before declining service. This suggests laziness on the part of the tech. If I were the tech, I would at least check before even declining. Then I would explain it properly, so the customer wouldn't resort to complaining. The art of Communication is sorely lacking amongst the employees of a communication company.


To mressure,


You'll probably have to call the 800 number to reschedule another tech. Maybe a different tech will be more willing to assist you with moving your TV stand.




This wasn't the first time I've had to edit my comment to reformat the layout.  Why does this forum sometimes mash all the text into a single continuous paragraph Smiley Tongue

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