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DVR Recording nothing, erasing everything


DVR Recording nothing, erasing everything

Last night the wife recorded a show, and during the show the programming started to pixelate and freeze (even on live TV, no matter what channel).  We reset the main router and this fixed the pixelation, however, once the show was over, the DVR continued to show that it was recording, even though nothing was actually recording.  I didn't think anything of this until this evening when the wife said "this thing has been recording for the last 24 hours, and I can't delete the show I recorded last night".  Sure enough, our DVR showed 99% capacity, yet there was nothing else actively recording, even though the recording light was on.  We ran the online trouble shooting, and automatically reset the set top box, which eventually stopped the faux recording, as well as let us delete the show recorded last night.  


HOWEVER, since the faux recording took place over 24 hours, we lost 2/3 of the saved shows we've had since 2009 since it was deleting the oldest shows to make room for the "new", most of these were kids shows that our children enjoy watching.  Needless to say, I'm quite peeved at this error and want to know if anyone else has experienced such an issue, and if so, what was the cause?  Additionally, is there any way we can get the recordings that were removed, put back to our DVR, or are they gone for good?

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Re: DVR Recording nothing, erasing everything

Sorry to hear of your lost recordings, the DVR is meant to be a temporal storage to record and playback proraming.
The design is not meant for archival of shows that is the function of vhs tapes and DVDs.
Anything desired for long term storage or usage should be transferred to another media.

Now having said that .your issue is you still have a 1216 or 1225 DVR from 2009...your connection is mostly likely coax and you experienced an HPNA failure.
Resetting the RG allowed for correction of the connection but DVR was stuck in record and as witnessed proceeded to delete older recordings. These are now gone unless you re record them.

Considering the standards have changed as well as wiring ans connections have aged would recommend scheduling a tech visit 1-800-288-2020 for inspection and updating of any problems found, including
1) NID protector, vdsl splitter, grounding, cat5 homerun.
2) if original RG may considerreplacing, if older 3 prong power supply replace with new 2 prong.
3) test of coax wire, compressed ends, wall plates, coax splitter (max 1) and couplers if exist.
4) evaluation of DVR for replacement, note will lose all recordings.
5) if old silver remotes with buttons sticking or fail replace.

If the DVR fails (red x two dots) all recordings will be lost, if anything you want to save start making copies.
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Re: DVR Recording nothing, erasing everything

I would have definitely moved the kids shows to a different media if I knew how, but it was my understanding that the dvr encrypts the shows so that they can't be transferred to a dvd or other forms of media. Is there an easy way to do this?
What will the cost be for the upgrades you mention above?
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