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DVR/R700 Router IP Address Conflict?


DVR/R700 Router IP Address Conflict?

Have an issue occuring with internet and one TV.  Configuration:


1. Multiple UVerse HD TVs - one we are having issue with is our "Main" TV - with a Uverse HD DVR. DVR connected to "signal" using ethernet cable


2. Uverse Internet - our "service" comes into the garage, where we have some home audio distribution panels.  Goes through a 20 port router then distrubuted throughout the house. One ethernet connection goes to a  Netgear R700 Router connected to our "wired" home computer, and this router sends out our wireless signal.


All had been working fine, then started having issues.  The main TV will "freeze" for 4 or 5 seconds at a time.  Others do just fine - no freezing at all, even at same time the main TV is "frozen".  We have gone through technical support several times, and rebooted the DVR. Post reboot, will be better for a while, then start freezing again


Concurrently, having internet coonnection issues. Internet will work fine for a while, then will stop working, and the router will have to be totally reset.  Message will appear that the router has been given a new IP address so as not to conflcit with a device on the network.   With internet back up, TV starts freezing. 


I have to think that these issues are related and must relate to the two devices (DVR and R700 Router) having some sort of IP address conflict.  Is that possible/likely?  How to correct?



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Re: DVR/R700 Router IP Address Conflict?

cbissell - One possibility is if you have both the computers and theTVs on that 20 port switch. Try separating the TVs and the computers all the way back to the RG. Put either the computers or the TV directly on the RG & the other group on the switch. If you do not have enough ports, get another switch. One for TVs & one for computers.
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Re: DVR/R700 Router IP Address Conflict?

Seems like the issue is that you are doing router behind router which causes issues if not set up correctly. The main uverse router wants to handle all ip allocation and packet routing and causes issues with the other router that wants to do the same. I played with this before wanting to create sub-nets for TV vs CPU but in the end I just set up my secondary router as a wireless access point and problems all solved.
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