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DVR Problem Error says The Recording list is unavailable. Please help


DVR Problem Error says The Recording list is unavailable. Please help

DVR is not working.  TV Guide is working fine.  I have programs scheduled to record and when I attempt to view shows I have recorded I get the error The recording list is unavailable.  It says to make sure this TV receiver and the DVR are connected to the network.


I have unpluged the box and I have unplugged the U-verse router/DVR in an attempt to re-set these devices.  Nothing has worked.


Please let me know what I can do next!!!

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Re: DVR Problem Error says The Recording list is unavailable. Please help

Factory reset the RG, unplug, depress button next to power connection back of RG while reattach power connection.
Wait for about 10 minutes, during tbis time unplug all receivers including DVR.
After RG has updated software and reboots, plug in DVR only allow 5 minutes to boot and repopulate guide, dvr list. See if problem resolved. If yes, great if no then follow steps 2 to 4 till resolved.

First does the receiver have a green link light on, showing a connection, if nt check cabling.

1) STANDARD reboot, unplug , replug OR hold POWER button for ten seconds seconds.

2) DR disaster recovery, unplug, plug when three dots appear, unplug , replug total three times. This allows unit to upgrade to new software and apply software. Will see one gear, followed by two gears.

3) FR factory reset, wipes out hard drive if DVR... Factory reset for boxes...depress power, ok, down arrow 10~15 seconds, release power continue to hold ok, down till front panel lights flash three times..release buttons...single gear two gears, will auto reboot come back in 15 minutes see if can record, pause playback...NOTE on DVR this will reformat HD loss all recordings.

4) replace the receiver, if above items do not resolve then equipment swap either can have shipped or request tech visit. If suspect possible wiring issue encourage the tech visit.
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Re: DVR Problem Error says The Recording list is unavailable. Please help

If your install is coax, check and make sure all of the connections on your STBs are tight.  I have received a similar message when the coax cable on my non DVR STB came loose.  After I tightened it I was able to access the recordings on the DVR.  Another thing you can do is disconnect the AC cable from the RG for 30 seconds and reconnect it.  After it reboots do the same thing with all of your STBs including the DVR.  This causes the software to be redownloaded into the devices and replaces the software that may have encountered errors or failures.

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