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DVR Echo and Video/Voice Out of Sync


DVR Echo and Video/Voice Out of Sync

We just had our DVR replaced, and the replacement is acting strange. At times the sound will all of a sudden go nuts, either an echo, talking under water, or out of sync. All I have to do to clear it up is to pause and then start to play again.  It does this on both recorded and live shows. We have 3 boxes, the dvr is connected via ethernet while the other two boxes are coax. TVs are just standard RCA connectors.  I do not know if the behaviour happens on SD, we only watch and record HD.


This is the fourth DVR in a little over 12 months, each has had a different issue, two just stopped working, none of the previous had the sound issue like this box. This one was a replacement when the tech broke the last one. I don't want a 5th. PLEASE HELP!

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Re: DVR Echo and Video/Voice Out of Sync

So your connected to your TV via RCA composite cables? 


Is there a sound system that your STB is connected to?


Try switching to HDMI as your connection from your STB to the TV/ Sound system. See if this clears up your issue.


EDIT: For a great price on HDMI cables, check out Make sure you get the correct length and not one that is too short. 3 feet is probably just right/too short for most setups.


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