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DMZ problem after getting the Pace 5031NV.


DMZ problem after getting the Pace 5031NV.

Hi, I have run a router behind router setup for a long time without problems on my old 2-Wire 3600. The 2-Wire died the other day and I got a Pace 5031NV instead. The firmware looked very similar so I set up my other router in a DMZ with the same options I used for the 2-Wire and it worked. Then suddenly I lost Internet connection and when I checked the status of my second routher it didn't have any DHCP data set. Everything was I tried to reboot the second model. No go. I tried to reboot both the Pace and the second router which didn't help either. Then I removed the second router from the DMZ and it worked again. Finally I added it to the DMZ again and it still works. I do not know much about how these things actually works but if I am going to troubleshoot this I need to understand what DMZPlus actually means, and if it's different in the Pace than it was on the 2-Wire. What I wonder about is where the second modem gets it DHCP information from. Is it from and why it suddenly stopped working. On the Pace where you set DMS there's a not below the settings saying: "Note: On LAN devices which have a Private IP address, once DMZplus mode is selected and you click save, the system will issue a new IP address to the selected computer. The computer must be set to DHCP mode to receive the new IP address from the system, and you must reboot the computer. If you are changing DMZplus mode from one computer to another computer, you must reboot both computers." What does that actually mean? I also wonder if I could use a fixed IP for the second router so I do not have to rely on DMZ. A static IP is an option in the seconrd router, but I do not understand how to set it and if it will cause problems. Anyone know? If anyone could shed some more light on this it would be great. I am not good at networking but I really need the second router since it offers dual band, the options to set DNS and DDNS and is faster in general.
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Re: DMZ problem after getting the Pace 5031NV.

The PACE (nee 2WIRE) routers don't follow the same interpretation of the RFC for the DHCP standard as most other pieces of equipment.  The DHCP renew responses come from a different address than most clients expect.  You may need to alter the firewall on your router to account for this.



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