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DMZ-Plus set on 2wire. Now Wifi randomly gives out.


DMZ-Plus set on 2wire. Now Wifi randomly gives out.

I recently purchased an N+ Belkin router for the intentions of attempting to strengthen the singal of my Wifi in my house. 
I hooked up the Belkin to the 2wire router. I set DMZ-Plus to choose the new Belkin router and set the new router to a DHCP server. Long proccess short, I set up everything to what I believe to be correct and it works fine. The signal didn't exactly boost to what I wanted but the latency did decrease significantly. However, now I have another issue.

After about a week, I started to notice that my Wifi would randomly have what I can only describe as "hicups" and the signal would go out. I don't believe its between the Belkin and my computer because my wifi would have gone out on my laptop aswell. I believe the issue is between the two routers. But I can't seem to find it.

For example, I'm on Skype talking to a group of people, the connection doesn't go out long enough for the skype call to drop be enough to cause me to lag or momentarily D/C during a game or when I'm trying to load a webpage. 

Here is all the information I can supply:

Belkin N600DB Wireless Router - Model # F9K1102 v2

Connected by ordinary ethernet cable
Belkin set to DCHP Server and is set to have a Dynamic IP address

The 2Wire Router is set to use DMZ+ with the Belkin router and has let all traffic through and the Belkin is set to manage all traffic

I tured off the wireless settings and features on the 2Wire

And Yes, I checked the WAN Gateway and it's the same as the Public IP from the 2Wire

Please if someone could help me solve this, it would be greatly appreciated

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Re: DMZ-Plus set on 2wire. Now Wifi randomly gives out.

I really don't know if anyone has seen this. I'd really like for somebody to give me some insight. I only know what im doing with about 60% certaintity. I'd really enjoy to fix this.

Also what is the "cascade router" feature the 2wire has? I remember reading something about it and it has to do with connecting routers but im not sure what its for. 

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Re: DMZ-Plus set on 2wire. Now Wifi randomly gives out.

What may be happening is that the Belkin is having issues renewing its DHCP lease from the RG.  The RG software doesn't follow the DHCP standard the way most other companies have intepreted it.  One option for working around this is to tell the Belkin firewall to allow all DHCP packets in.  Another would be to set up a static/sticky IP address for the Belkin.

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Re: DMZ-Plus set on 2wire. Now Wifi randomly gives out.

I'd make sure the Wi-fi Protected Status in the Belkin is OFF or Disabled, that may help. Smiley Wink



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