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Customer service review


Customer service review

I have had the worst past week dealing with AT&Ts customer service and retention departments. First off, I was just trying to transfer my internet service over to my new residence. I was asked to add tv at a discount. I informed the agent that Inhabe a $240 cancelation fee. I was then offered a $200 gift card and a $40 service credit with my bill totalling $126 a month which included all the channels plus high speed internet. I explained it still wasn't worth it for me to switch. The agent then offered me $100 service credit and a $200 gift card. I told him sign me up. The issue I had follows... I set up a later delivery time so that J could call Dish Network and break my contract. After doing so I called back to set up a sooner delivery time. They then told me I couldn't get it delivered for 2 weeks. I was amazed that I was being treated this way when a day before they had every day open for delivery. I feel as if they were treating me as a current customer not a new customer. Anyways, I told them I'd call back on Monday to possibly get a better delivery time thinking that since I called on a Saturday that might be the reason why I cannot get a better delivery time. Uncalled on Monday and the new agent told me she doesn't see my order for tv but does for Internet. This needing to recreate the order and assured me that I would get a better delivery time. After an hour and a half of being in hold she finally came back on the line and told me she could get it delivered on the same far out date. I obviously reexplaomed to her my frustrations I.E being put in hold for over an hour and a half then just giving me the same exact delivery time I already had. During the conversation the phone was disconnected. This had happened to me in a previous conversation and was also frustrated by it. I called back the next day Tuesday to check on the status of my delivery and this is how I was treated. First off, They told me I wasn't able to get the $200 gift card because the promotion ended as well as the service credit be aide there weren't enough notes. On top of it all, to add insult to injury my "transferred" Internet service was being raised from $29.99 a month to $51 a month. Because someone on your end deleted my old account. Now, I owe Dish Network $240 for canceling service with them and no tv or Internet to show for it. I will be filing a small claims suit against AT&T to get my $240 returned to me if nothing is done to help me with my now issue.

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Re: Customer service review

I am sorry established areas new services and move orders generally are 2-3 weeks out, in new areas could be as long as 6 weeks (SF). You should never cancel existing service till new is install in case of issues such add bad lines or no available ports, or other unforeseen circumstances. When orders are placed available time slot is reserved only so many per day per time frame, when that date is filled you move to the next available. The most popular days (Fridays and Saturdays) fill up first so if need only Saturday install may wait 3-5 weeks.

Did you receive email confirmation on your initial order before attempting to change your date? In changing date is where I suspect the issue started.

When creating a new order or change of service, you in effect cancel your previous promotion (29.99) for a new, otherwise your account is adjusted to current pricing.
Example 14.95 pro internet (promo) with voip 250 plan at regular price of 25 yields a charge of 39.95, afterwards you decide to cancel phone service and just want to keep your 14.95 internet that was toed with voip...your new internet price (non bundled) for the same pro speed is the standard price of $41 ($1.05 more than what you were paying with bundled price)

My point is that with multiple calls and CSR involved your internet is now set to be a non bundled non promo price of $51.

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I would recommend that you send a private message to the escalation team at AT&T Customer Care, and someone will get in touch with you. These folks are beyond normal CSR's, in what they can do.
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