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Customer service is a thing of the past at AT&T


Customer service is a thing of the past at AT&T

When I worked at AT&T, the customer was always right... That was the saying anyway. Today customer service is a thing of the past. My service was disrupted July 3rd 2014 by an AT&t tech doing an install for a new customer. This is the second time this has happened. I called for repair tech to bew sent out. He arrived on time between 4-8pm. He worked until 10:30 but could not resolve the problem. He would continue working on it after his 8:00 am meeting the next day. OK. What else could I say... I called him around 11 and was told after more testing he needed a lineman to check the line from the neighhood box to the box on my pole. Signal was not getting there. His manager had requested the lineman so it would get done that day. Then my tech coudl continue the repair. I called the next day and was told a tech would be out on the 7th at 11-3. WOAH !! The problem is not fixed and I am suppose to wait 2 more days for a repairman!!!! I asked for a supervisor but no one was available because of the holiday weekend. I would have liked to enjoy my weekend too but I didn't have TV, internet or telephone service !!!! Some poor soul did call me and said he would try to work with dispatch to try and get my problem worked on  but there was a heavy work load in my area. NOT MY PROBLEM !!!! In my day if we had an open repair order, someone worked it until it was fixed !!! Now the customer is expected to wait 5 + days to get their problem fixed. SOME CUSTOMER SERVICE !!!!!!!!

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Re: Customer service is a thing of the past at AT&T

All I can say is you ran into the July 4th holiday and nothing's gonna happen til tomorrow, since the lineman was unavailable.


Certainly a problem, but not as bad as the July 4th weekend I had a few years ago.  After an afternoon storm, a tree was knocked over and brought  down 2 poles and pulled the lines down for a block.  Lost all power about 2:30pm Sat.


Detroit Edison came by, but nothing they could do as they don't do any pole erecting and re-stringing the lines.  They had to bring in a company that did that from Port Huron, MI into metro Detroit Sun morn.


They got everything rebuilt and turned power back on 11:30 pm Tues.,  every day was 85°+ and didn't go below 70° at night.   Know now I won't believe Det Edison when they were saying power would be back on at 11:30 pm each night for the 4 days it was down. Smiley Mad Smiley Very Happy




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