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I’m posting here because there is, as I’ve learned over the years, no outlet for grievances in the AT&T support infrastructure.


During the first week of December, I put in an order to have UVerse Voice added to my existing U-Verse internet service (Order #7751998777).  Within a little over a week I had my number ported over and had telephone service at my house (12/10).  I could receive calls and make calls without issue. 


During the week of 12/16 I noticed no telephone calls could be placed to my number.  When called, the phone didn’t ring, and the caller was presented with nothing but a click and disconnect when my number was dialed.  Interestingly, I still had dial tone and could make calls.


I returned home from the Christmas break on 12/27 to find my telephone completely dead. 


On 12/30 I called AT&T to find out what happened and to get my telephone service restored.  Here’s a chronology documenting the ineptitude and irreparably broken customer service infrastructure that day.



Logged into my AT&T account and noticed there was no telephone service listed.



Called AT&T tech support and spoke to Carmela who noticed there was no telephone service on the account, and that the logs indicated service was ordered, activated, and then inexplicably closed before being “finalized.”  At 9:50am I was transferred to Sales to get my service back.  Made sense to me.



On hold



Spoke to Brittany, who was in Tech Support, not Sales.  Explained my situation again.  At 10:00am I was transferred again to Sales.



On hold while Brittni explained to Sales what had happened.



Connected to Monica of Sales.  For some reason she couldn’t hear me so, after a few minutes of wandering around the house, thinking it might be my cellular service, I gave her my number so she could call me back.



Monica called back.  I explained my plight once again.  She offered to transfer me back to Tech Support.  I told her I’d just been transferred to her by Tech Support.  Monica was apparently an entry-level customer service technician.  Compounding the entire exchange was the fact that English was not only not her first language, she did not have a solid enough grasp of it to be placed alone on telephone calls with English-speaking customers.  My conversation with her was among the most difficult I’ve ever had with a non-native speaker of English.  To qualify that, I grew up in a household where my mother taught English as a Second Language at the graduate-level international management students, so I was exposed and used to cultures and accents from all over the world.


During the course of my 20+ minute conversation with Monica, I had to repeat myself and ask her to repeat herself over and over.  Getting Monica to both understand my problem, and get me what I needed was very, very painful. For example, at one point she said I’d have to send back my existing U-Verse modem.  It took me at least five minutes to re-explain what I was doing, and why I didn’t need a new modem.  After that, she said she’d dispatch a technician to start my service.  I explained that I didn’t need a technician – that one had already been out and done what needed to be done.


My phone call ended at 10:52am, over an hour after it started, with assurances that my service will be restored within a few days. 


In the end it appears my order was placed, but it looks like a new modem is being shipped and a technician is being dispatched on 1/2/14.  I suspect the pain will continue.


Words cannot describe how dissatisfied I am with AT&T’s customer service.  Ordering my internet service earlier in 2013 was equally painful.


I assure you, the minute a competitor comes to my small town, just outside a large city, and offers non-DSL internet and telephone service I will drop AT&T like a hot potato.


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Re: Customer Service

This is the latest update to my long list of customer service phone conversatinos.


01/13/2014  3:00 pm


Bret called me back and stated that AT&T would credit my account for $37.00 permonth for three months. This amount comes to a total of $111.00 and does not total a full month of service.  Bret miraculously came up with the Corporate Address, I say micraculously because no one esle I spoke with could give me that info, they all claimed they did not have the information and done of them could even tell me in what state the corporate office was located.  I know if I put that info in this post it will be promptly edited out just like the phone # i posted in one of my previous postl.  Again,AT&T does not want to be bothered with complaints so they limit avenues available to their customers.  I will be writing a letter to this address in hopes that I was not lied to again by another customer service rep.  But the saga continues......


01/13/2014  10:30 pm


I noticed that my Uverse tv was not recording.  It allowed you to select programs to record but then once the date and time came about, it would not record.  It was also still showing programs that had been recorded days prior but when you selected them they had been deleted somehow.  So I called AT&T yet again and spoke with....


Edwardo in the Phillipines


Edwardo reset the receiver remotely from his computer and it seem to fix the problem, he stated that he or his supervisor would call back the next day at 4:00 pm.  I waited until 4:45 pm before leaving my home to attend to other matters.  Wouldn't you know it, the supervisor called at 4:46 pm (my clocks are set according to the time on my Uverse tv).  She has since called back about four times, each time I was away.  But as of today, the tv is still recording and I hope it continues.



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Former Employee

Re: Customer Service

Ms Pinky,


I'm glad to hear your TV is recording properly now. As for your other issues, have you had a chance to send us a private message using the link provided above?


If not, I strongly encourage you to do so as soon as you can so we can initiate an investigation.


Meanwhile, let me know if you have any other questions or concerns!



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