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Customer Service complaint


Customer Service complaint

I had been a loyal AT&T customer until a year ago, we started having trouble with our service and they kept raising the rates.  We left, but we came back.  I'm not sure that was a good idea with my experience of the last 2 weeks.  First, when my husband called to re-establish service, AT&T wanted to give us a new number instead of transferring the current one.  Once that was fixed, the technician came to hook everything up (causing me to take a day off).  However, he thought he was hooking up the new number not the existing one.  Once that got straightened out, I tried to hook up my DSL internet modem.  After it failed to connect, I called customer service and they said that when the mix up with the phone numbers happened, it cancelled my request for internet service.  He said it would be on by 8pm, it wasn't.  When I called back the next day, they said I couldn't get DSL, I had to have U-verse but they couldn't get another tech out until the end of the week (today).  Before he showed up, he called my home phone (which had finally been set up with the right number last Friday) to say he was on the way.  When he got here he rewired a bunch of stuff in the box on the house, fine, whatever.  After 2 hours of set-up, the internet was finally working.  However, I had lost my home phone.  The tech then made me move furniture so he could check every jack in my house, only to find out that he'd flipped a switch in the tower before he got here.  Once he fixed the tower, the phone still was not working.  He came back and checked everything at the house again.  When he talked to another tech, they suggested he go back to the tower and try another port.  He came back and miraculously I had phone service again, however when he checked the number, it was the wrong one.  After 5 HOURS of no phone and moving furniture and 2 weeks of dealing with this crap, he said I have to call customer support yet again.  The woman I spoke with, after 20 minutes of being on the phone with her, said she could give me my old number and thanked me for calling.  After waiting a half hour, I called a friend who said the wrong number was coming up, so I called customer service again.  This time, I spoke with Efran and asked to speak with a manager because I am so fed up with "customer support".  He informed me that Albert, his manager, had stepped out and was not available.  This was 3:15p, Central.  Are you seriously telling me that customer support only has 1 manager on duty during weekly business hours?  My father worked for AT&T for 25 plus years and worked in customer service, he is appalled at the "service" I have received from his company.  Efran informed me that the correct number would not be in service until sometime Monday.  During this entire time, keep in mind, that my father-in-law is very ill and my husband is travelling to visit him.  So my husband cannot call me on the house phone!  When I inquired as to what financial assistance AT&T was going to offer me for all of this nonsense, Efran informed me that he could not do anything but would speak with his manager whenever he came back.  This is exactly why I asked to speak with the manager to begin with.  I have had to take several days off work to be home for the techs to come install things, move furniture, and spent countless hours on the phone with "customer support".  This is certainly no way to begin a new business relationship and it truly makes me regret my decision to come back to AT&T.

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Hello rayjaimndug,

I'm sorry about your recent experience to establish your U-verse service. I can help you investigate your account and ensure the correct phone number is activated. I sent you a Private Message to discuss your account and assist you.


If you encounter any issues with your service or equipment, I recommend checking out our Troubleshoot & Resolve solutions to help diagnose the issue.
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