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Customer Service and billing

Customer Service and billing

To make a long story short yesterday I spent an hour on the phone.  I was told that two accounts.  The one account would be credited for $52.00 to the 2nd account.


When I talked to the rep earlier that day, even know I paid my bill because for what ever reason a 2nd account was made the bill was paid to the old account.  


I only wanted to pay past due and not the current bill until payday.  Well that didn't happen and the full amount was taken.  Internet service was shut off.


so I called yesterday when I got home from work.  At 1st I was told we can't help you.  I asked why is it every time I call I get the run around.  I have been calling since August when I moved.  I am told you don't have service in your area, talk to rention service, I don't know why you spoke to rention service we have those services.  Spending 1 to 2 hours each month on the phone, thinking what was corrected apparently was not.


So today on my phone I get a message to call AT&T about a urgent message regarding my bill.  What is so urgent when yesterday I spoke to casey and I have a credit on my bill that was suppose to take care of the new account and payment not due until december.


why must I get the run a round just to get service to  a simple problem.  The left never knowing what the right is doing.  Then they say nothing is in the records that you spoke to somebody.  If I speak to someone else I would be told the information is in the records.


When I moved I gave them a date and was told all I had to do is call back sooner and get my service turned on.  That turned into a nightmare, 8 people and 3 days later I get a person that could make that happen.  


Thank you to the good people that help.  But what  happens in the translation of correcting the problem and the billing or services that wasn't changed or corrected.  Why doesn't the problem get taken care of like the customer was told it would be.


I am puzzled and if AT&T doesn't want my MONEY, I WILL BE GLAD TO GIVE IT TO SOMEONE else so I don't have all these problems.


Most of all, PLEASE FIX MY BILL.  I also paid on line the current bill that is due.


Life is hard enough--without the hassles would greatly be appreciated.

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Re: Customer Service and billing

 Since this is account specific I would recommend that you send a Private Message to the AT&TCustomerCare customer service team. They will reply back with a PM (blue envelope in the top right of the page). Their normal business hours are from 7am to 10pm Central Time.


They can take a look and get you fixed up

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