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Customer Service Nightmare


Customer Service Nightmare

I am just curious how a coas large large. AT&T could be so completely disorganized and nonprofessional that I could have to talk with14 different reps over 2 days to set up Uverse Voice on an account that was already set up with uverse anwifeliness lines.  Not only were these calls a waste of time before I finally got someone on the line who didn't contradict every other person's statement I had spoke with, but in the end my frustration continued growing because of complete disregard  and sticking to the lack and white of "the policy". I am actually shocked I didn't cancel ever account a have regardless of the termination fees that I might incur.


I was set up for installation yesterday 9/11 and after 7 more calls and atleast 3 chat sessions I stit here still with no phone and with the exception of 4 different reps at the chat center, would rather never change anything on my account again because I neve want to have fdeal with customer service again, in fact, if that does happen in the future and there is any issue at all, I will cancel all services immediately.  My activation date was changed multilevel times without my consent, an installation appointment was set up without my knowledge which I was not able to accommodate,initially told I would have to arrange to take time off between 9 and 11 am in 2 weeks to finally have it installed despite being sent and approved the self install kit. Even after all this the reps I talked to up to the last couple around 2 am central time (Thileepan and prasad) continued to give me the run around and actually contradict the things they had said just moments prior on the calls.  Also who knew that AT&T does not employ supervisor or management positions in the evenings---> let's be honest, just another lie


I realize I am just one customer to a company with hundred thousands, but with the mindset of pepole I have had the experience to interact with, I am shocked you are able to stay open another day. I would be happy to discuss something how we can begin to change this mindset and aLethe very least begin to make me feel a little bit better about wasting between 6 and 8 hours of my business and personal life that I will sadly never get back.

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Re: Customer Service Nightmare

I would suggest that you contact AT&T Customer Care via private message. These are not the same people as the CS/TS reps you call--they are social media managers who can connect you with the right people to escalate your issue. Include your name, account number and your contact information. Watch the blue envelope at the top right of your screen--they usually reply within 1-2 business days.  Hope your issue is resolved.



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Re: Customer Service Nightmare

Unfortunately there are various levels of CSRs in all companies that have some kind of customer support.  What works for me is, if I call for help or making a request.  If I get an uncooperative CSR I politely end the call and call back until I get a cooperative CSR.  I always ask them how they are doing at the begninning of the phone call because they are in control of me getting my request.  This is not meant as a solution but a workaround to undesireable or negative situations with CSRs.

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Re: Customer Service Nightmare

I agree that AT&T customer service is the worst I have dealt with in any industry. After serveral , unsuccessful attempts to set up DSL service with AT&T, I told them to forget it and I would go with another provider. Somehow they set me up with a home phone line that I never requested! I started to recieve bills and after several phone calls to explain I never asked for the phone line and being told that the account was cancelled and credited in full, I got sent to collections! Below is the email I am sending to collections. I can't believe how incompetent AT&T's customer service reps are. I will never use AT&T for any service ever again, and will tell every friend and family member to do the same. Does anyone know the phone number for the Corporate Executive office where I might be able to speak with someone who can actually get something right?




I received this collection notice claiming I owe AT&T $26.37. I am disputing this claim as this a charge for a home phone land line that I never ordered. I attempted to order DSL internet service through AT&T but after several unsuccessful attempts by AT&T to start my service, I told them to forget about it and I would go to another service provider.


At some point AT&T erroneously set me up for a home phone land line that I never requested and subsequently tried to charge me for the service.


I have made several phone calls to AT&T with attempts to cancel the phone line I never requested:


9/7/13 - Bill received for $34.18. Called 9/18/13, spoke with Melissa in Cancellations/Retentions in Atlanta. She stated the account would be cancelled as of 9/18/13 and credited in full.


9/28/13 – Bill received for $34.18. Called 10/3/13, Terica in Cancellations. Stated that account would be closed as of 10/3/13 and credited in full. Said she was very sorry this happened again.


10/10/13 – Bill received for $59.96. Called 10/14/13 at 4:05PM EDT. Spoke with Randel in Atlanta, GA. He stated the account showed cancelled as of 8/27/13 and he could not tell why we kept getting bills. He said it was again cancelled and gave cancellation #.


11/7/13 – Bill received for $26.37 (for some reason partial credit on this bill). Called 11/19/13 at 8:20AM EST. Spoke with Dora in cancellations. She said we would receive revised bill within 1 month, with full credit on the account.


I request that this claim be sent back to AT&T, the account closed, as I have asked for since September and the erroneously charges cleared. I also request that this collections activity be expunged from my record and not reported to the credit services as AT&T is clearly the one at fault in this case.


Furthermore, I request the employees mentioned that obviously failed to perform their job adequately and has now caused me due stress, to be reprimanded accordingly and held accountable for their inability to perform their jobs. 


[edited for privacy]

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