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Customer Service Disappointing Every Year - This Year is No Exception


Customer Service Disappointing Every Year - This Year is No Exception

Every year my promotions expire and every year I have to call in and ask to have them reinstated.  The process never changes: I call customer service and they say there's nothing they can do to help me and then they say they're going to transfer me to a customer support specialist.  Then I wait on the phone for about 20 minutes until I realize that somewhere in that 20 minutes the 'hold' music stopped and my call has been lost forever in the dark abyss.  Why do I always have to consider switching cable/internet providers each year due to the poor customer service I receive from AT&T - espeically considering how happy I am wiht the cable/internet service they provide?  All I want is the same discounts I had received up until two weeks ago - and I can't get someone on the phone to help me.  It's very frustrating.

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Re: Customer Service Disappointing Every Year - This Year is No Exception

Let me understand. They honored the deal you and them agreed on. Now you do not want to pay the regular price but yoy blame them.

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Re: Customer Service Disappointing Every Year - This Year is No Exception

Agreed, and everytime I reterm my contract I am billed at the old rate for a few months before they rectify the situation. I am then forced to call about the bill, and am told that the promo price I was previously offered doesnt exist and they offer a price even higher. This has happened four times. I went to the FCC once over it, and someone from ATT reached out to me immediately. It took a few weeks for them to come back and offer me a betetr promo price than I initailly had but it really was just a credit back for my overpayment, spread out over 6 and 12 months. 

Last year I had the same issue, and for whatever reason my equiptment wasn't included as initally promised. Now I have equiptment contracts that expire after my TV and internet contract..which expired today. I called two days ago, as that was the date showing on the website, only to be told that on their end it showed today and that I had to call today. Apparently they couldnt even discuss my account with me until today. 

I called today and was offered 100 less channels, for the same price that I pay now, which is $110. I advised that I will be canceling my service as of next Friday. They didn't seem to care. I live in a building that is proprietary to ATT and they know it. Sadly, most of the tenants don't stay long because of AT&T. It would seem that they would want to offer some sort of incentive to existing customers in effort to retain them; that's simply not the case. I have alway tried to give them the benefit of the doubt, even when I had intermitant or no service resulting in 16 service calls, and 4 no shows over a 33 day perior. I'm officially done. So much for customer loyalty! 

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Re: Customer Service Disappointing Every Year - This Year is No Exception

Rates go up every year, contracts expire, a new contract even with discount will be higher.
This year IPTV went up, internet packages went up...depending on number of tvs, equipment fees went up, local broadcadt fees went up.

If desire new promotion with same services your rate will be higher, if desire to pay same price as old promotion then need to reduce services or equipment (remove 1 receiver saves $8), lowering your tv package $15 (based on retail $).

Based on post, expired promotion, want same rate the CSR offered a different package... I do not see the problem, you were given a choice, that is only yours to make.... keep same services at higher rate or lower service.
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