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Customer Service Contact Information

I would like to tell someone about our customer service experience: In January we got an apartment for my husband when he got a job two hours away from our home. Our only option for internet service was AT&T. We decided to purchase it along with phone service. We were unable to get the Internet speed we wanted because it wasn't offered in our area; we were not offered any "rewards" for purchasing new services. Two weeks ago we sold our home and I joined him at the new apartment, so we decided to add TV service. The installer didn't show up during his scheduled time, so we waited another two hours. Still a no-show. We called, and they re-scheduled for the next day. Again, he didn't show up. We called again and were on hold for over thirty minutes when we got transferred, and then got an automated message saying that the office was closed. At this point, we just wanted to cancel it all together, but of course we couldn't get a hold of anyone to do so. The installer finally showed up seven hours late, so we let him go ahead and hook it up. When we changed our mailing address we got some promotional mail from AT&T that advertised a $400 rewards card for qualifying services. I read the fine print and realized that we met the requirements, but were not offered anything either time. So I decided to call and see if AT&T would honor the advertisement. After being on hold again for thirty minutes, I gave up. I attempted to chat, which took forty-five minutes for me to learn that the lady I was chatting with couldn't help me. Today, I called again (on hold for twenty-five minutes) and I was informed that the rewards we should have received in January already expired (WHAT REWARDS?!) and that we could get a $100 reward card for the television service, but not until next month. I explained to her that I wanted to talk to someone that could fix the situation, as I was very upset by this point. She said we needed to do a 3-way call with Customer Support, and she would need to transfer me. GUESS WHAT? I got another automated message saying they were closed. It is my belief AT&T either (a) leaves you on hold until you give up or (b) drags out the call until they are closed. I work full-time and can only call after work. Does anyone have an e-mail address for a customer service rep so I can speak with them directly? I will NOT make another phone call. I will NOT try chatting again, either. My next step will be to file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau. At this point, I am considering paying the cancellation fees (which will be cheaper than continuing to pay $200+ per month until our contract runs out) because I am so furious. Compared to our previous provider we are paying more, getting less, and dealing with a company that obviously doesn't care about its customers. P.S. - I pray that no one is trying to create a post from Firefox, as it doesn't work. The page just keeps reloading when you click "Post". SERIOUSLY?! IE is easily the worst browser known to mankind.
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Re: Customer Service Contact Information

Hi @thebrownfamily ,

I am so sorry for your experiences with the U-verse services so far. We would be happy to get this issue addressed for you. If you could please send us a detailed message by clicking here. Be sure to include your name, account number, phone number, and the best time to reach you.

Keep an eye on the envelope.png at the top right corner of your screen for a response.

In the meantime, let me know if you have any other questions or concerns!


-David T


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Re: Customer Service Contact Information


I followed your instructions. Surprise, surprise - three days and no response.
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Re: Customer Service Contact Information

I would have expected that you would have heard from them yesterday, but today is not a business day, and neither is tomorrow.  Post Monday if you haven't heard from them and I'll rattle what cages I'm able to reach.

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Re: Customer Service Contact Information

Hello, thebrownfamily!


Thanks for posting. After reviewing your case notes, it looks like one of our care reps sent an e-mail on 7/31 to the address you provided. Have you checked your spam and junk folders to see if perhaps it was routed there in error?


If you find it in one of these folders, you should be able to reply to the email and your case will re-open. Let me know if you don't find the e-mail!



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Re: Customer Service Contact Information

It did go to my junk mail. For all of those interested in the outcome: no, I am not being honored the $400 promotion we received because we did not purchase our services all at once. They are crediting my account, but far below $400. No mention was made of the rewards that we should have received when we set up our internet and phone service in January. The only positive of this experience - this was easily the fastest medium to get a response. For anyone needing help, don't chat, don't call, post on this forum.
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