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Credit Process Online- pls help


Credit Process Online- pls help

Online i went through AT&T to set up a new contract/plan and what not. I pressed check out, it asked for my SSN and address, but no credit card info. (Im assuming because they're checking my credit first) I filled it out then after, it brought me back to the check out page.
So now do I wait for an email saying proceed or what??
Thanks a lot!
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Re: Credit Process Online- pls help

Hello, Swaglord!


Thanks for your post. If a deposit is required, the order will likely be placed on hold. However, if you are concerned about a deposit, I would recommend that you stop by any corporate-owned store to sign up for service.


Let me know if you have any questions or concerns!



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Re: Credit Process Online- pls help

Ok thank you. If i need to pay a deposit will i get notified or an email saying that?
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