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Crappy U-Verse


Crappy U-Verse

About a year ago I had DSL, bought my own modem and router. Once my computer broke, I canceled my internet service. Fast forward a year, I figured I would get AT&T service because I liked the previous service I had with them. I call and find out that because U-Verse is now offered in my area, I can't get the old DSL service. A little miffed but ok, fine, I'll do U-Verse. BIGGEST MISTAKE EVER!!!!!! So far tonight, this thing has lost its connection so many times I have stopped counting. Glad I'm not doing anything serious on the internet, like purchasing something or paying a bill. Constantly have to reset it. It's really starting to get on my nerves but the customer service claim that its suppose to be so much better and it's not. With my old service, I only had a problem one time with my service not working. U-Verse is crap and the fact that if the power goes out, I have no home phone. And yea, I have the battery for back up power but when hurricane season hits, then what?? If the state I live in gets hit with a hurricane then we have no power for days. At least with a land line, I still had a phone if the power went out. So annoyed and no, that information was not relayed when I placed the order for internet and it wasn't until the day of installation that I found that information out. I didn't even know that the guy that placed my order was bundling my phone with the internet. Had he told me that and disclosed that information, I wouldn't have put them together. I understand bundling saves a couple of dollars but in the long run it isn't worth the inconvenience of not having a phone when the power goes out. So not only was I signed up for this crappy phone service, I also had the pleasure of paying for it to be installed. Thanks a freaking lot. Thinking that once my year is up, I'll probably switch to COX.

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Re: Crappy U-Verse


First of all the POTS landline phones will be non-existent in the very near future (here is MI, ATT is asking to eliminate all POTS phones and go for IP phones only now). 


The latest blackouts have had just fine cell service, as the providers have provided back-up power in my area.


For service help, Contact ATT Uverse Care here:

Send them a private message, on this link, and they should be able to give the help needed to solve your Uverse service problems. Response may take up to 2 business days.

This is not the regular CS/TS people, but the social media Community Specialists that know the people to contact to get things done. I personally know as they've helped me on a DVR swap.

Include your account#, email address and a good phone # (land or cell) and time to contact you on.

Check the blue PM envelope, upper right on every page, for their reply. Good luck Smiley Wink



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Need Help? PM ATT Uverse Care (all service problems) or ATT Customer Care (all other problems)
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Re: Crappy U-Verse

first off, as for cell service, mine is prepaid but other companies offer better packages for the same price or packages containing more for a few dollars more but I never said anything about cell phone service in my topic. secondly, they would lose out on a lot of customers by getting rid of landlines, so I don't think that would happen. I don't know what blackouts you speak of because I don't live where you live but what I said was that I live in a state the tends to get hurricanes during hurricane season (June 1- November 30) and sometimes our power is out for DAYS, not just hours, and the backup battery that comes with the service is only good for 12 HOURS. If I have no power for days, that means I have NO HOME PHONE for DAYS. And U-verse is crap. In the past few weeks alone, I cannot even begin to know the number of times I have had to reset the modem or the number of times it started acting up and basically lost connection and reset itself while I was in the middle of doing things. I'm glad I wasn't placing orders for stuff. And one night I decided to sleep away from home, the modem had issues and my mom did not have a home phone all night. I'm glad she decided to get a cell phone because otherwise she wouldn't have had a phone to call for help if she needed it. You can go on and on about how "great" U-verse is but I probably have a con for every pro you have. U-verse is not great and I was already skeptical about getting it and got it anyway because I really needed internet for school and didn't want to pay an arm and a leg for it. Now that I see the truth and reality of U-verse, i'll go ahead and pay twice as much for COX internet once my year is up.

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Re: Crappy U-Verse

I live with my elderly grandmother who has just gone 2 weeks without phone service because she can't get up to reset the Uverse modem every 20 minutes and she "doesn't want to cause trouble" by telling us her TV doesn't work. There should be some sort of warning that this service is inappropriate for the elderly. It is a safety issue for anyone that is a fall risk.

I spent 1hour and 39 minutes being transferred around before I finally was connected to someone who was able to at least transfer the phone back to landline service. During that hour and a half I spoke with three people who told me they could not disconnect the Uverse and they refused to transfer to escalation. I spent a full 20 minutes listening to foreign television and the crumple sound of someone's headset in their lap. I refused to hang up. Finally a foreign male said hello and quickly transferred me back to the automated system.

I have not even started the battle that I will wage to get a refund for the two weeks without service and there will be no charge for a contract that Uverse clearly broke before I attempted to get their dangerous "service" out of my home.

I too will be going with another service provider. Perhaps before the terrible Uverse equipment is removed from my home.

Incidentally, this message is being sent via my cell because there is STILL no service in the home.

So. Very. Fed. Up.
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