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Connecting Wireless router to back of Uverse DVR box


Connecting Wireless router to back of Uverse DVR box

We have the main ATT Uverse wireless router in our basement, however I have no internet in the upstairs of our house. I do, however, have a DVR box in my room to get TV. This has a coaxial cable connected to it. To fix the internet problem, I plugged a wireless Belkin N150 router into the Ethernet port on the back of the DVR. At first it was working fine, except my laptop couldn't connect wirelessly. My ps3, phone, ipod, an desktop could all connect wirelessly, the only exception being my laptop. The laptop didn't have any issues connecting to a wireless router before so I was very stumped. I tried everything to get it to connect. Nothing seemed to work, except, randomly, the laptop started to connect. I have no idea why, it was very strange. Now, the wireless connection from my router will randomly go down. As in my devices can connect to the router, but there is no internet. Usually a reboot fixed this, but not always. So this made me think it had something to do with the router and not my laptop. Then I noticed people saying it might be an issue with the DVR and connecting a wireless router to it. So I came here for any advice on the matter.

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Re: Connecting Wireless router to back of Uverse DVR box

Should not be mixing hsi and multicast IPTV as your trying to do.
Options, 1) move RG to main floor, if request uverse tech to do this billable...minimum $99
2) install ethernet cable from RG to 2nd floor set router up in DMZ mode, uverse tech installs cable billable.
3) invest in wifi range extender such as netgear 3000, place on main floor private purchase
4) invest in pair of powerline ethernet adapters to use belkin 150, private purchase
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Re: Connecting Wireless router to back of Uverse DVR box

Thank you for the reply. Looks like stringing an ethernet cable will be the solution.

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