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Connecting Outlook 2010 to ATT mail


Connecting Outlook 2010 to ATT mail

I understand this is not a new subject but having just connected to u-verse and ATT email this week I was confident that setting up Outlook 2010 to read my ATT mail would be easy. It is not and has turned into a major issue. Nearly ready to cancel u-verse over this. I have followed every post and several web site suggestions to make this simple connection including making sure that I went to Yahoo to register my ATT mail account. Yahoo provides suggestions to open options and allow the pop communication however that feature was not present for me, as maybe they have removed it! Does anybody know how to get passed this message when attempting to test and verify the Outlook setup? -ERR [AUTH] invalid user/password. Happens every time when closely following all of ATT's instructions for setup. ATT field service rep at installing location was baffled. ATT support says they are not responsible for helping via phone or chat? Please assist, thank you.

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Re: Connecting Outlook 2010 to ATT mail

I have previously used Outlook 2003 and 2007 and successfully connected to yahoo.   However, with Win7 and Outlook 2010, I tried all combinations without success.  After talking to ATT Uverse Support and then getting a level 2 technician, they said the only way was to work with ConnecTech (paid) support but that it was only $.50 per day and could be immediately stopped after a day.   Actually, it's $15/mo with a one month minumum.   If you are not a Uverse customer, it requires a one year agreement @ $15/mo (!!).


ConnecTech was able to get my account working with the following settings:

Incoming: (no change)

Outgoing: (no change)

Incoming Port: 995 SSL (default)

Outgoing Port: 465 SSL (NOT default but this was already posted in multiple online places)


I had tried all of these combinations without success.   What I did learn was that in the past I had to use the server login of my primary ATT-Uverse account (not the email address being used) but now you must use the email address itself.  (I have multiple email addresses on my yahoo account).  That is the only difference that I could perceive unless they did something on their side that they would not tell me about.


Not sure if any of that helps anyone else but I hope so.   It took me about 2.5 hrs with all the various agents and getting signed up on ConnecTech. 

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Re: Connecting Outlook 2010 to ATT mail

This used to be one of my favorite calls back when we were allowed to support outlook.  Unfortunately, that all stopped in early 2010.  I'm glad you got your problem fixed, however, and wish you best of luck!  (I no longer work for U-Verse, in case you're wondering) =)

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Re: Connecting Outlook 2010 to ATT mail

I found this same information for free by doing a Google search.

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Re: Connecting Outlook 2010 to ATT mail

I have been having the same problem for over 2 weeks, but I think and hopefully have found the answer.  I went into my CONTROL PANEL on my Windows 7 computer and then ADJUST COMPUTER SETTINGS. View my SMALL ICONS. Then go to DEFAULT PROGRAMS. Open ATT Mail Choose SET DEFAULT FOR THIS PROGRAM. I used Outlook 2010 as the default program and so far so good today.  Will check again tomorrow, but hopefully this was my default program error.  I don't know how default program changed on my computer but it did.  So I would love to know if this works for anyone else.

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Re: Connecting Outlook 2010 to ATT mail

Thanks for posting that info, that will be helpful for others with that problem.

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Re: Connecting Outlook 2010 to ATT mail

Here is what I found. I was having the same problem with Outlook 2010. However, after reading the posts here, it occurred to me that Yahoo! mail requires non emails to be the full username. The default setup in Outlook 2010 when you manually configure the email removes the for the user name for login. So, here is what I did:


1. In Outlook 2010 wen to File > Info > Add Account

2. After the new dialog box appeared selected Manually configure server settings or additional server types

3. Click Next

4. Select Internet E-Mail and click Next

5. Enter your name in the name field

6. Enter your account in the email address

7. Make sure it is POP3

8. set the inbound server to

9. set the outbound server (smtp) to

10. click on More Settings . . .

11. when the dialog box appears click on the Outgoing Server tab

12. check the My outgoing server (smtp) requires authentication and select Use same settings as my incoming mail server

13. click on the Advanced tab of the dialog box

14. check the This server requires an encrypted connection (SSL) box and set the port number to 995

15. on the drop down menu for outgoing select SSL

16. set the port number to 465 for the outgoing server (note if you set this first, the drop-down menu will change the default number to 25, and you will have to re-enter the information)

17. (optional) if you want to keep copies of your emails on the server so you can access them later on the web, then deselect the default Remove from server after 14 days

18. Click OK and the dialog box will disappear

19. (critical step) when you are back to the Add New Account dialog box, make sure that after your Logon Information username, put

20. Enter you password information (and save it if you desire)

21. Click on Next


All your account settings will auto test, and it should connect (at least it did for me).


Hope that helps!


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Re: Connecting Outlook 2010 to ATT mail

Thank you, thank you, thank you! I was at 2 hours of sheer frustration when I found your post. I followed your steps and it worked perfectly the bery 1st time. Thank you so much.

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Re: Connecting Outlook 2010 to ATT mail

aviewer wrote:
Time to give up on Yahoo & move to Gmail.

I pay about $20/year for an account with and find it well worth every penny. Just the fact that it runs IMAP, rather than POP3, makes things (like reading e-mail on multiple PCs and mobile devices) so much easier. Of course the greatest benefit is that I can switch ISPs at the drop of a hat and don't have to inform anyone about the change.

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Re: Connecting Outlook 2010 to ATT mail

Way cool. All of a sudden my one email account was giving me this problem in Outlook 2010 under XP Pro sp3 and this was the only help I needed. Thanks James! I can operate today!
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Re: Connecting Outlook 2010 to ATT mail

I've been having trouble connecting to email through outlook ever since my new ATT Uverse was installed a couple of weeks ago.  Outlook worked fine with my old ATT dsl, though I was having other issues with dsl and so went with the 'upgrade'.  My email addess @sbcgloglobal has not changed and nothing else has changed.  I have had nothing but problems.  My laptop has outlook 2003 and the desktop has outlook 2007; both run on XP. So today I tried one more time to fix the settings and used the settings in this thread and it worked!  The laptop and desktop computers worked and all the emails came through, and I found the settings were actually the same as they were before all the trouble started.  And I know I tried these multiple times. So then it worked for a few hours... and now it doesn't work again!  Neither the laptop nor the desktop computer work now.  It keeps asking me for password which has not changed, and is not connecting, thought the settings have not changed.


A few days ago I tried ATT help line and was transferred around and no one could solve the problem. I am now absolutely convinced it is something on ATT's end and it ought to work but does not. I don't think I should have to pay for fee based help when it is an ATT issue.


I really need to be able to use outlook email, don't want to do all by web based email (yes, that does work and I can sign on).  I will cancel the whole thing if I can't get his to work.  I'm very frustrated with the time this is taking.

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Re: Connecting Outlook 2010 to ATT mail

further information on this...


It has worked intermittently the last couple of days but not consistently.  The ONLY thing I am doing differently at the times when the email comes through is that I was signed into my account on these pages because I was looking for help!  Then it worked.  But then didn't again.  Is it possible that I need to authenticate this email in some way, even though I have had it for many years and always as a paid ATT customer and not a free email?  The new Uverse service seemed to change something.

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Re: Connecting Outlook 2010 to ATT mail

is anybody out there?


surfing around these message boards it appears a lot of people are having similar problems

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Re: Connecting Outlook 2010 to ATT mail

Using google I found this... don't know if you found this alreadty....,423,614,902&title=Setting+up+an+email+cl...



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Re: Connecting Outlook 2010 to ATT mail

I use Outlook 2010 with my ATT/Yahoo mail accounts all the time.   Very occasionally, I get errors for one reason or another but waiting a few minutes (or retyping my password) cures the problem.   I did notice more problems at the beginning of August but things seem to have settled down again here.


I shoud probably mention the fact that my mail is not set up to collect automatically every X minutes so I may not be aware of every failure.



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Re: Connecting Outlook 2010 to ATT mail

Thanks for the link-- yes, I have done all these things. It works once in a while but mostly not.
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