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Connected to internet but cannot register with account number


Connected to internet but cannot register with account number

I just got off the support chat and they are not allowing me to connect service myself although I was connected to them over the internet with my uverse modem/router in a chat session. I had service and used the transfer service to new address utility, they disconnected my old address so I moved it over, plugged it into the wall and connected to the wireless via my computer only to be presented with an activation screen. I entered my account number and it says "We apologize for this inconvenience, but we are having difficulty locating the AT&T U-verse and/or AT&T U-verse High Speed Internet order for the Account Number entered. Please verify that you have entered the correct Account Number. If you don't know your Account Number, please call 1-800-288-2020 to speak with a representative.", in my chat I was instructed to wait a week for the technician to come out.


I am tired of the poor customer service, I am considering cancelling my service and starting a new account because surely then I would get someone out here quicker. I might just move to Charter where I will get equally poor treatment but at least I can get a technician to come out within a week.

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Re: Connected to internet but cannot register with account number

Which internet plan do you currently subscribe to?
Pro, Elite an Max plans are eligible for CSIs, the Max Plus ad Max Turbo require full tech installs even if just plug and play.
Anytime you account changes for address you are required to re-register the account.

If you can connect, which you can, and do not want to wait could try depress button for new account on register screen, new email registered, new passwords, if this works great, if still need tech input and people are waiting 2-6 weeks for install consider 1 week wait as blessing.
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