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Computer making copies of a printer


Computer making copies of a printer

I unplugged my printer to move it.  When I plugged it back in and attempted to use the printer, the computer made a copy of the printer. Now I can't print because the copy shows as being offline and there is no way to choose the real printer.  When I go to device manager the copy does not show up.  How can I remove it so I can print?

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Re: Computer making copies of a printer

Try this, go to your start menu and Run (XP) or in the search box (Win7) type in services.msc 

Locate the print spooler, stop the service, check your printers and faxes (xp) or devices and printers (Win7) and you should have no printers showing.  Start your print spooler and then see if your real printer is back again without the ghost.

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