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I would like to take the time to single out an exceptional technician who serviced us today with an issue we had with our U-Verse TV. He was very knowledgeable and for such a young man was totally polite and knew just how to fix our problems.  He went above and beyond to aid us and make sure all of our 5 TV's were working properly.  His name is Alejandro A. and I must say he is a credit to your company.  Thank you very much for the excellent service.



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Re: Compliments

I would like to send a big thumbs up to Tier 2 Technician Tony - sorry I didn't get his last name.

He took an extra step during my call to tech support today and discovered that my tv problems were due to a coax problem.

I had talked to at least 3 other techs at different times over the past month and 2 of them were sending me a new receiver box, which never arrived as the orders did not complete.

The 3rd tech couldn't help me when I called him because the tv was not experiencing the problem at that time.

Anyway Tony ran some tests when I spoke to him today and discovered the source of the problem.

So happy to discover there are some good techs there, can only hope that I would get Tony anytime I call but I guess that's a long shot

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Re: Compliments

Glad you got your issue resolved.  If you ever have any questions feel free to post them here.  The forum is made up mostly of Uverse subs, but we all have lots of experience with the service and suggestions.

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Re: Compliments

We have had U-verse TV since October, 2008, when it first became available in the foothills east of Sacramento, California.  Over the past three years the HD picture has improved and more features have been added, but we have always had intermittent problems with the picture freezing, skipping, pixelation, and audio drop outs.  I have rebooted the wireless modem, DVR, and set top box on numerous occasion and several technicians have tried to fix the problems without success. I thought the intermittent problems were something we had to tolerate in order to have the U-verse features but the problems became more frequent and we were on the verge of switching to satellite TV.  On December 8th I called U-verse support and a technician was sent to our home the same day.  The technician, Don F., was courteous, efficient, and very thorough.  I am not sure of everything he did but I know he replaced the wireless modem and a splitter in the main junction box.  It's been several days since he made the repairs and we have been able to watch TV without the picture freezing, skipping, pixelation, and audio drop outs. Thank you Don F.

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Re: Compliments

Great Don F got everything going again and glad there are many techs that can solve problems in a professional, courteous manner. Smiley Wink



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1-800-288-2020, After he gets acct info, press # a bunch of times, get a menu from Mr. Voice recognition
Your Results May Vary, In My Humble Opinion
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Re: Compliments

Good to hear you were pleased with great service from a tech.

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Re: Compliments

Hi everyone,

Thank you for sharing your positive experiences.  Glad to hear they could help!  Smiley Happy  If you send me a Private Message with your account # and the specific regarding the experience, I would be happy to get the commendation to the appropriate group.  We appreciate the feedback!




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Re: Compliments

I have had several issues with my HTC one X and so warrenty sent me a new phone but it has not arrived, so I called warrenty back expecting to have a similar conversation with the rude lady I spoke with first. However I was surpirsed to get to speak with such such a kind person. Abraham, was the nicest warrenty person that I have EVER spoken with. He remained very polite and very understanding with all my concerns and problems. I greatly appreciate his assistance and his patience with me. I think AT&T needs to give this man a raise because he was so genuiley helpful. I wish all customer service people could be so nice. He went above and beyond what was required.  Thank you Abraham for your help today! 


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Re: Compliments

Please consider sending a private message to Alex, one of the AT&T Community Managers, so Abraham's team and managers will know how well he did. 

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Re: Compliment to Darrell from AT&T ... You made my Day.

Today was a great day thanks to Darrell in your customer service department ! I called today 3/18/2013 to inquire about the procedure of Dis-continuing my service with AT&T. About 4 weeks ago in Feb. 2013,my phone fell out of my work bag and the screen cracked. Needless to say I was bummed. So, I went into the nearest AT&T store to see if they could make an exception & possibly give me early upgrade, that I would gladly sign another 2 year contract instead of waiting for 2 months w/ a cracked screen since my upgrade date was in April. I was told that this was not possible and that I would have to wait till April 19,2013. I waited a month, couldn't see stuff on my screen, was getting glass in my fingers. I was BUMMED & thought it was lame that AT&T wouldn't help me out with an early upgrade & wouldn't make an exception. So, I called customer service today & Darrell answered the phone, I explained to him why I was inquiring about switching Carriers in April and He was sorry that I wasn't helped out in the store, & that he would see what he could do to help me. I've been with AT&T for over 10 years & yeah I was sad that The guy in store said no,can't do, sorry you'll have to wait. - But Darrell totally took care of me and was kind enough to get me a new phone & upgrade no problem. I thought customer service was on the decline but when you talk to a guy like Darrell that really goes out of his way to help you in any way possible , It rules !!!!  I'm not that kind of person that yells & screams to get what they want so a lot of times I don't get helped and kinda shoved to the side. I'm glad I was able to speak with someone today that really cares about situations that can be resolved and not pushed to the side. I'll be an AT&T person for a long time thanks to Darrell - I almost left .... He really Made my Day and experience wonderful !!! - Vivian G.

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Re: Compliment to Darrell from AT&T ... You made my Day.

Thanks for the positive post.  If you ever have any questions comments or conerns feel free to come here and post.  You will get lots of help in a variety of ways.  Enjoy.

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Re: Compliments

I want to finally be able to write in about a good outcome from a most wonderful, nice, polite, (list goes on of compliments...) to a lady named Rena. 


I live in a apartment complex where only ATT is the only Internet provider besides the Internet that the complex sells which is slower then ATT's. I had major problems with my billing that occurred due to a employee selling me a wrong package deal which went from having Internet for $13.00 a month for 12 months promo, to me getting a phone call days later and a notification letter telling me I ordered a Internet Pro for $41.00 a month. Luckily I caught it when I received a call telling me there would be a tech coming over to install my phone connection and a UPS package from ATT that I refused luckily. I called on July 25th to see about any promotions and I talked to two different people which I felt rushed thru the process with. I then called on July 31st to billing and talked to Alica and she went over my order that was made and seen that they did put it in wrong from what I was told I was getting. She was able to fix the Internet part of it and even gave me credit for $24.00 for the inconvenience of what I had to go thru with the wrong info I was sold. She then gave me a number to call to talk to someone to have the house phone disconnected since I didn't want it. I called that number and talked with Jerrold and he tried looking up my info with the phone number but he couldn't find it, so he told me sense the install was set up for Aug 1st, that I would need to call back today to wait till after it was hooked up and then he could fix it my disconnecting it sense it wasn't what I had ordered from the beginning. So, today, (Aug.2) around 4:00 central time, I called 877-999-1083 and a young lady named Rena answered. I explained the situation and she was able to pull up my account and look at the notes that were made from the previous calls I had made. She then apologized for the inconvenience for all of this and she took  a few minutes to look over the info and she was able to fix the part of the phone connection of stopping it and also fixed my bill before it went out with the new account info and charges. After taking care of that mess, she said she was gonna go back to my original account number and go over the promotions that were available with me. We ended up going with a 6 month promotion for $25.50 a month for internet. I am much happier with that price then the first promotion I was suppose to get for $13.00  a month for Internet but he added a house phone into the package and it would of been $41.00 a month plus installation charges im sure. Why have a house phone when I have a cell phone!

 To end this on a good note, I would like to hopefully have a manager, or even Rena's manager, Jeff Vick, see this so they are aware that they still have some good employees. Ive had problems with my ATT bill a couple years ago and It dragged out for at least 3 months of promises from different people until I finally called and got the right employee that did there job right. I was refunded a good amount of money from all the over charges and broken promises of refunds, where I didn't want this situation to lead into again.

 I give hats off and a pat on there back to Rena, Alica, and Jerrold for the consistent help they gave me the past 3 days... I can now say that I feel a little better about CS thru ATT now... 


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Re: Compliments

rburns, thank you for your positive post.  If you ever have any questions, comments, or concerns about your service feel free to post them here the forum.  There are plenty of people who are ready, willing, and able to offer you help in the form of information, suggestions, and resources.  Enjoy.Smiley Happy

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