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Combined billing/Unexperienced reps


Combined billing/Unexperienced reps

This all started after we decided to combine our satelite service to At&t Uverse internet/DSL account. Payments are made for each month and no problems.  A couple of months have passed by and then our internet stopped working.  So we call to find out and a rep says, you owe $900.  Really? For what?  We had just made a payment and remember, this is all combined billing.  Oh, yes, no problem. We will get that turned back on and update the account.  It gets turned back on.  Now, my satelite bill is $124.99 and my internet/DSL is around $40-$52.  So how in the world would it get to $900 and only cut off my internet?  Really?  These are the comments we have received from the reps that we have called with our concerns: 


-I'm sorry, but in order to get that turned on, you will need to pay $124.99.

-I'm sorry but it is your job to call directv and get it fixed yourself.

-These calls are recorded, so i'm sure they will go back and check what is wrong.

-At&t has paid for this and now you have to pay At&t back.

-Oh yes, i see the problem, let me transfer you to my manager.....transferred us to another rep.

-Manager was going to do a 3 way conference call with billing.......but ended up sending us to another rep.

-Manager said our service will be on in 3 hours but if not call this number.

-If we get disconnected, please give me your number so we can call you back. We got disconnected and never called us back.  


So this is what we are dealing with as of right now..  Combined billing seems like they don't do any communication all around.  Whether this is a scam, fraud or neglect, looks like I need to go much further up on this and with BBB.   So Buyer Beware!!! 


So disappointed with their customer service and I refuse to pay for charges they need to update and fix.  Thanks to Directv, they sent me a current bill for $70.  Go to show you that these so called reps are lying every which way.  



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Re: Combined billing/Unexperienced reps

Yes BBB will help you out. They are going after AT&T for me and you should see the billing issues I am having. I also get nothing but the run around from them. It`s ok one way or another they will pay and pay dearly now. Never use AT&T bigger is not always better when it comes to this.

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