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Cold call to get free upgrade to U300


Cold call to get free upgrade to U300

I have received calls from someone claiming to be from ATT Uverse and offering a free 3 month upgrade to U300.


One time I was asked for my 4 digit home code.  I told the person I have no idea what they were talking about and to please explain.  After several attemps to get an explanation, I hung up.


I am thinking this is some type of scam.  Can someone from ATT Uverse confirm this?

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Re: Cold call to get free upgrade to U300

I wouldn't take any offer from any telemarketer.  AFAIK, AT&T does not use cold calling telemarketers and even if I did, if I were doing anything with my account, I would call AT&T.  They do however use door to door salespersons.

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Re: Cold call to get free upgrade to U300

Thanks for the reply.


I suspected it was a scam and also wanted to know if anyone else has received these types of calls.


I would never give out information on my account, especially to a strange voice on the phone.  Smiley Wink



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