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Choppy/Freezing TV


Choppy/Freezing TV

For about two or three months I've been having choppy and freezing TV issues. The TV video will either get really choppy or freeze completely but the sound usually continues. This happens with live TV and recorded on multiple TV's, not just the TV with the main DVR box. The RG is connected to the outside with a cat5 line, but each TV is connected coax as running cat5 isn't feasable in my house currently. This issue doesn't happen all the time, but seems to be happening more often as time passes. Are there any things I can do myself before contacting support and having someone come out? We've had the system for a couple years now as well. Thanks.







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Re: Choppy/Freezing TV

jtomilnson - I am no expert on UVrealtime, but your bitloading does not look anything like ones said to be good. Then there is all those errors. IU am sure someone more expert will come along to advise you. In the meantime, what you can do is make sure all all all coax connections are tight tight tight. Maybe back them off first to improve contact. Check the inner wire for corrosion before replacing.
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Re: Choppy/Freezing TV

Ah, the iNID, two bonded pairs to deliver signal to support services.
Your max sync rate is 45142, or about 22600 neither line by itself could support the 25M Profile your on.
Errors on the either or both lines would show your symptoms,losing internet or voip services if have any?
If have internet and no issue then would suspect coax cabling issue, ends (compressed fittings), wall plates,ends behind wall plates, coax splitter,(shouldbe only one)
Possible if iNID is a couple years old, (first installed latter part of 2010) may be issue and needs to be replaced,especially if any near recent lightning attacks.
Most likely issue due to errors is outside wiring Problem(s), including moisture in cable if been raining recently, birds, squirrels, rats, bees or wasps nests in boxes.
Truthfully not much you can do, call or chat with support, hopefully their test will show wiring issue and tech will be dispatched.
Standard procedures with tier support is informing you of possible charges if problem is inside residential dwelling, acknowledge and wait for tech appointment.
Please note if this is beyond the techs ability,a request for an outside CIM tech will need to be created, if your inid is located outside would not need to be home for the second tech visit,if unit is inside CIM tech would need access requiring someone over 18 to be present.


as far as graph concern, the longer distance means less signal reducing the bandwidth available...this is a normal looking inid graph, more worrisome is errors on tables and retrains which could have been you resetting the system or the system resetting itself due to errors.



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Re: Choppy/Freezing TV

I have internet as well and notice times where speed drops considerably; speed tests as slow as 1Mbps and as high as 13Mbps.


I figured I'd need to contact support to try to reslove the issue. Thanks for replying.

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