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Changing the DMZ device on a 3801HGV


Changing the DMZ device on a 3801HGV


I have a 3801HGV gateway with my 24Mb Uverse internet service. I have a 3rd party router
(Netgear WNDR3700 v3) that is set with it's own subnet.
When trying to set the 3801HGV for a DMZ device using the MAC address of the Netgear router,
I get the following error:

A DMZplus PC is already configured. Remove this PC from DMZplus configuration and reboot it

My first question is, how do I remove the currently selected device from the DMZplus
configuration? I do not see a way to do this.

I have a manual for this particular 2Wire gateway and it does not mention anything about
changing a DMZ entry.

Thank You!!

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Re: Changing the DMZ device on a 3801HGV

 Select the option "Maximum protection..." or something like that. This removes the DMz bullet, then click save.

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Re: Changing the DMZ device on a 3801HGV

I did it by by going to Diagnostics-->Resets and clicking on the "Firewall Configuration Reset" link.

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