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Changing MAC address in Uverse


Changing MAC address in Uverse

Before switching to Uverse, I used a Linksys router and cable modem.  When I'd get blocked from various media web sites, I'd change the MAC address through the router and be back online without my other devices being affected.  I'm still using the same Linksys router with the RG -- not sure how it works or is set up, as the technician did it all on install.  Does anyone know a way to accomplish the same result of changing the MAC address?  When I try to do the same thing that I used to do through the Linksys router, it doesn't work any more.  Many thanks for any advice.

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Re: Changing MAC address in Uverse

On cable services, when you change the connected MAC address, you likely also were getting a new IP address from the cable company.

U-Verse service does not ever change IP addresses (unless a technician changes out the RG, or deletes your account and sets up another one). Therefore, changing your MAC address on your router will not have any effect.

I suggest you stop doing whatever you're doing that is getting you "blocked from various media web sites".

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Re: Changing MAC address in Uverse

I don't recall the cable modem set up resulting in a changed IP address, but I suppose that it's possible that's what occured.


Stopping the conduct, however, is the equivalent of not using the web site at all.  Certain web sites that shall remain namelss block users for having the audacity for not wanting to take the search results that are given to the consumer.  If you search too many times (~ 20) or for too long (~ 5 mintues), the web site assumes that you are a software bot and blocks you from their site permanently.  I believe that the consumer should be able to "shop" as long as they so choose before making a purchase, if any, just like 99.99% of all other web sites in existence.  What would be the public response if Amazon or eBay blocked IPs permanently for surfing their site for 5 minutes without making a purchase? 


My diatribe aside, your response makes it sound like I may be out of luck with Uverse.  I guess that I'll just have to decide whether the loss of those web sites is more important than Uverse is beneficial.


Thanks for your response! 

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Re: Changing MAC address in Uverse

There are some VPN services that you might investigate that will give you a different IP address every time you connect. Try

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