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Change default password on Pace 503INV


Change default password on Pace 503INV

I went to http://192.168.... then to the Settings tab, then System Info Administraton Password. Is this where I can change the password? It asks me to enter my current password which I though would be the same as the default password. Maybe I need to contact customer service? Thanks!

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Re: Change default password on Pace 503INV

Hello sunnee,


There is an access code that is required for you to make any changes to your RG settings. There is also your network key, which is the password you must input to connect any wireless devices to your network. Both keys will revert to the defaults if you ever factory reset your RG. (Both defaults are primted on your RG.)


The system administration password is printed on the side/bottom of your gayeway and may be labeled Access or System Code. If your intent is to change the access code, then you're in the correct area. 


If you'd like to change your wireless network key, you'll need to go to Home Network, Wireless, and change the key from there. (You will need your access code to view/change the settings.

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Re: Change default password on Pace 503INV

My intention was to change wifi password, not the RG password. I thought they were the same thing. I understand the difference now. Thank you!
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