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Cant login to 2wire 3800hgv-b modem


Cant login to 2wire 3800hgv-b modem

Hi All,


So I wanted to setup port forwarding on my router. My problem is if I goto in my browser it begins to load and freezes then times out. I have done this in safari, chrome, and firefox with no result. Consulting the online manual I tried to connect to http://homeportal/ to no avail. I have tried plugging directly into the modem itself and it doesnt make a difference. I pinged the ip and it returns a response. What am I missing here? Thanks.

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Re: Cant login to 2wire 3800hgv-b modem

Reset the 2Wire by unplugging it, leaving it off for about 2 minutes, and then plugging it back in. If that doesn't work, you may have to factory reset it.

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