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Cant figure this out..


Cant figure this out..



We have 4 tablets, and 3 computers in our house. Two computers and the tablets run off wifi and one "main" computer is hard wired into the gateway.


When the "main" computer is turned ON, no other device in our house can connect to the wifi. Including xbox, tablets, 2 computers or any smart phone.


When the main computer is turned OFF, everything works properly. I can connect to wifi on ipad, xbox, my other computer etc etc.


We had a tech guy out here and he replaced all the fittings to all the splitters around our house. It worked for just long enough for him to leave then it stopped working again.


I have tried to disconnect the hard wired computer and make it wifi but it still doesn't work. The only way I can get wifi on everything else is if that computer is turned off.


It's very stange. We have run virus scan on everything and according to the scan everything is fine. I am lost. Any help would be greatly appreacited!

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Re: Cant figure this out..

SEichner - No, it does not make sense.

You say the computer is hardwired to the RG. This is cat5, direct & unique? You also tried wi-fi.

You say the tech worked on the wiring, connections and splitters. This means your TVs are fed COAX.

Just to try another variation, connect the computer cat5 cable to one of the COAX fed STBs network jack. Maybe reboot RG & STB.
Don't connect to the DVR. Is the DVR connected to the RG cat5? If not can you connect cat5?
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Re: Cant figure this out..

yes i have every reason to lie because i do not want this fixed...


also...the language you just typed was not mine. I have no idea what you just said. I dont know a lot about technology but I know for a fact that whenever the computer that is hard wired into our gateway is turned on, I cant get wifi.

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Re: Can't figure this out...

It almost sounds like your computer's network card has it's "Terminator Mode" enabled (yes, it's an actual thing =) )




it could be that your cable going to the computer could be used incorrectly.



Could you provide:

  1. What type is the cable going to the main computer? (Ethernet/Cat5, Coaxial, Telephone line, Fiber Optic cable)
  2. Is it a built in Network Interface built right into the motherboard of the PC, or is the Network Interface a PCI card? ( if you're unsure, I'd recommend posting a picture of the back of your computer)
  3. If the cable that is going to the computer is an ethernet cable, pull the cable out. Then put both ends side by side facing in one direction, and type in the color that you see of the wires in the cable. (Ex. (White-Orange, Orange, White-Green, Blue, White-Blue, Green, White-Brown) AND (White-Orange, Orange, White-Green, Blue, White-Blue, Green, White-Brown) ) This will allow us to understand the type of the cable and if it is the incorrect or correct type of cable. (A picture of this might be helpful)


An answer to all of these questions would be helpful so that we might be able to help you Smiley Very Happy

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Re: Cant figure this out..

Hello SEichner,

@aviewer was asking about your TV service wiring. Aside from your DVR, are the other TV's in your house connected with traditional cable TV cabling (coaxial), with network cable (cat5 ethernet - the same type of cable connecting your computer to the RG - it looks like a bigger version of a regular telephone jack.), or are they wireless? He then suggests you hard-wire the computer to the network port on the back of a set-top box that is not the DVR. If your TV's are coaxial or wireless, this port should be free. If your TV's are connected via network cabling (cat5 ethernet) disregard this step.
It doesn't make sense that the rest of your devices would be unable to connect when your computer is on. Not to say that it isn't happening, but it's not a scenario that would have been likely. Is your wireless card integrated into your PC or is it a USB card?
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Re: Cant figure this out..

SEichner - I had no intention of offending you. Please accept my apology.

My purpose was to feed back to you what I understood from your post and offer you something to try. Your problem is particularly sticky. At some point in this forum activity we have to recognize that the problem is out of our reach and call in to att to let the experts handle it.

Since you have no idea what I am saying, the best course of action is to call in to att.
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