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Cancelled after two discussions with rude operators.


Cancelled after two discussions with rude operators.

Called to asked a question about my bill and the operator was very rude and really didnt help me. She told me the price was firm. A second call was almost the same. except I was on hold for 20 minutes at least! Then when I talked to the operator she was very rude and told me I couldnt receive any kind of discount and that I would have to pay full price at some point. I told her I didnt think the price was right for the speed that I was getting. She kept telling me she couldnt help me and what did I want to do! At this point I was more than mad and told her to just cancel my account. I only went with ATT because it was bundled with my Direct TV. 20 minutes later after I cooled down I tried calling ATT back. I talked to an operator and she told me to hold on after getting my info. I was put on hold for over 20 minutes AGAIN! Then a recording came on and said they were closed and to call back when they open at 8am. Hmmm great customer service. She must have had a date after work and didnt want to get caught up. I didnt go off on the operator I wasnt rude to her. I kept my cool until I cancelled and hung up. I will never use ATT products ever again. This was the worse customer service I ever had.

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Re: Cancelled after two discussions with rude operators.

It's too bad you had such a negative experience with the CSR.  Uncooperative CSRs are out there, but so are cooperative ones.  It would have been good if the OP had come to the forum before cancelling their service, because we could have offered more resources.  For anyone who reads this thread in the future, if you ever get an uncooperative CSR politely end the call and then call back to speak to another one.  It may take several calls but it is possible to get a CSR who will help you get your issues resolved.  And if you aren't willing to call back, then send a PM to AT&T Customer Care.  They are an escalation team that is higher than regular Customer Service, and they will help you get your issue resolved.

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