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Can you see on one box what a different box is watching live?


Can you see on one box what a different box is watching live?

I have 5 TVs and this is the "problem" I'm hitting.  Lets say 2 of my 4 streams are being used to record shows and two other boxes are tuned to live TV (not "recording" but just temporarily saving the live buffer).  When I turn on a different TV I hit the limit of streams and thus I have three options if I don't want to interupt anything.  


1) Watch something already recorded and completed.

2) Watch one of the two shows that is currently being recorded.

3) Switch to one of the two live channels being watched and watch one of those.


My question is, for #3, is there any way to figure out what channels are being watched live on other boxes without getting up and going to each different room?


It would be nice to always be able to know how each of the 4 streams are being used.  Is this possible?


Even if I simply left one box on with my TV off in another room and later I turned on another box, it would be nice to know what channel I had an hour buffer on in case it was a show I wouldn't mind rewinding and watching.



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Re: Can you see on one box what a different box is watching live?

Sorry, while you may access recorded tv from any receiver to determine what is being recorded at that moment, the same does not apply to live TV.

In addition your last thought shows another issue, not turning off a receiver for an hour not being watched means one less stream availability for accessing on other receivers when multiple recordings or viewing is occurring.


as an after thought,most individuals only watch 8 to 10 channels, you could try each of normal channels viewed depressing the rewind button to see if that is a buffered channel, currently in use.

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