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Re: Can't get wi-fi signal?


Can't get wi-fi signal?

I've been without a wi-fi signal for over a month now and I've tried changing the wireless channel and all of that, but my wireless devices still can't get a signal. Its almost been a year since I got the modem, which is the U-verse Wireless Gateway. I've had problems with ATT gateways before because they stopped working so I'm hoping that I can resolve this issue without having to buy another one again... 



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Re: Can't get wi-fi signal?

510 or 3600?
If no signal can be detected from gateway, then gateway needs to be replaced.
You need to order another $100, if current is still under 1 year warranty, request to send back for credit.
Once unit is received, verified not damaged will receive credit on bill.

As the time from when the new RG is shipped till time old is received and credited, may not be in same billing cycle.
If unit is damaged , not returned, or no longer under warranty then the new $100 charge stands abd you have purchased another unit.
This may occur by shipping or request a tech visit, either way will be charged with a new RG,and responsible for return shipping via UPS original RG.

*I am an AT&T employee, and the postings on this site are my own and don't necessarily represent AT&T's position, strategies or opinions.
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Re: Can't get wi-fi signal?

its the 3600 and I just rebooted it but the signal is now poor and after I try to connect to the network it disconnects. I'm currently calling tech support but they can't access my account because I lost my pin. 

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