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Can't get UVerse paperless bills sent to my email address


Can't get UVerse paperless bills sent to my email address

When AT&T forced me to swith my DSL service to U-verse, I wound up with two accounts, and two bills every month. I've been receiving my DSL/phone bill at my gmail account for years, and I still do. However, AT&T does not seem capable of sending a paperless U-verse bill to my gmail account, no matter what I try. The bills seem to wind up in an account that I never use.


I've set every e-mail address I can edit to my gmail address, including the "Billing Email Address," to no avail.This includes my home phone account profile, my U-verse account profile, *and* my access ID profile.


I've called customer support several times, and nobody's been able to fix the problem. They say that the bills should be arriving at the billing email address.


Has anyone here encountered this before?




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Re: Can't get UVerse paperless bills sent to my email address

Have the ATT email account forward all email to the gmail account. Smiley Wink



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Re: Can't get UVerse paperless bills sent to my email address

ksahin - I have never had the problem you describe. I use a gmail account for all billing notices & only for billing notices. Although, there have been a few months where the process failed & I did not receive a notice. I have also had that happen with snail mail. I have also had the that happen with other billers.

To protect yourself you need your own tickler file to check your account & then pay the bill on a day you pick.

Here is how you set up the e-mail notify (there are a number of opportunities for failure, so be careful) -

Access your account (
Under e-mail click manage accounts - this goes to sub accounts
Click the account information tab
click edit next to billing contact info
Put your gmail acct in the e-mail entry
Be sure to scroll down & click the SAVE CHANGES button.

I also, forward my main account att mail to a different gmail account. Both accounts are listed on my macmail. There is an all list and an indvidual list yha can be used to focus just on the bill notices.


Cover all the bases & be aware of when your bills are due. Then you will know when you do not get a notice & you can go ahead as if you did without feeling any pain.

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Re: Can't get UVerse paperless bills sent to my email address

aviewer - your step by step instructions are what I've been trying without success. The billing e-mail address is my gmail address.


Thanks mibrnsurg and aviewer for letting me know that supports email forwarding. I've just set it up. I still think it's somewhat ridiculous that something as simple as online billing doesn't work, though. Makes me "rethink possible" every month...


Thanks for your help,


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