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Can't blame U-verse - this time


Can't blame U-verse - this time

U-verse and NBCSn both show something other than the CFL game between Edmonton and Calgary on Monday (Labor Day, 9/2/13) but a highlights listing on shows the game.  Sounds slightly schizophrenic, doesn't it?  So... I am recording what is on NBCSn from 2pm to 5pm Pacific Time to see what I get.  Hopefully, the highlights listing is the correct one, and I'll get the game.  Who knows?

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Re: Can't blame U-verse - this time

Zap2It, which I think gets its listings from a different source than U-Verse does, does not list the game as being on NBCSN (or any other channel) either.  There is a game between the two teams on Friday at 6 PM Pacific, but this is a different game - the Monday game is in Calgary, and the Friday game is in Edmonton.


However, the CFL website still lists the Monday game as being on NBCSN.



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Re: Can't blame U-verse - this time

Interesting... If you go to the NBCSn site, you end up using Zap2It.  And it, too, shows no game.  However, like I said, if you look at the schedule highlights, which are on a different part of the site, they DO show the CFL game.  All I can say is, if NBC wants to broadcast at least a part of the CFL schedule, it would be nice if they show the games they had agreed to show.

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