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Can i use my personal wireless router instead of the Motorola NVG589


Can i use my personal wireless router instead of the Motorola NVG589

I just switched to ATT Uverse for internet and TV. No phone service. Can I use my Lynksys e4200 instead of the Motorola NVG589 Att supplied? 


Will my router interfer with the TV that gets feed through the ethernet connection, like the whole home DVR? From what I understand the cable boxes de-code the TV signal and all the router is doing is passing the TV signal through it to the cable boxes.


I have cat6 cable from the DSL/phone box outside, then twisted pair connects to the router. This is where I would replace the tel plug with ethernet plug and connect right into my router.


The main reason is the Lynksys had config settings that I could use to restrict internet time and websites to certain mac address wireless devices like my kids ipad. I need that setting to control when my kid gets online and what sites are blocked at certain times. Lynksys had a nice feature that I could set to block internet access during school nights and or weekends, plus I could totally block certain sites. I don't want to go install apps on every device so i can restrict internet access. It's nice to do all this from the IP config page.There's no such setting in the ATT IP settings. 

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Re: Can i use my personal wireless router instead of the Motorola NVG589

On Uverse you must use the ATT RG (telco plug),
you may place your own router behind the RG using one of the lan ports.
You will need to setup in DMZ or IP passthru mode, posts on this.
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