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Bridging two NVG589 networks


Bridging two NVG589 networks

I live next-door to my brother and we are attempting to bridge our home networks so that we can share a version control repository, etc.  We both have U-Verse gigapower service with NVG589 gateways.  I'm attempting bridge the networks with a Netgear WNDR3700v3.  My plan was:


My network (NVV89):

IP range:


Brother's network (NVG589):

IP range:



WAN IP connected to my LAN

LAN IP connected to brother's LAN

DHCP off, NAT off, firewall off


Where I'm thwarted is the inability to add a static route on the NVG589s to let it know about the gateway.


Before running a cable, I tried running a test using the cascaded router feature:

Cascaded Router Address:

Network Address

Subnet Mask:


WNDR3700 settings:


Subnet Mask:

Gateway: (My NVG589 IP)


Port Scan & DoS Protection Disabled

Respond to Ping on Internet Port Enabled

IGMP Proxying Disabled

NAT Filtering: Open

SIP ALG Disabled


IP Subnet Mask:

RIP Direction: Both

RIP Version: RIP_2B

DHCP Disabled


I put a laptop on the Netgear router and gave it a static IP of  It connects to my local network just fine, has access to the server etc.  However devices on my home network can't ping the laptop, so my assumption is that the cascaded router setting is not working as a static route as I had hoped.


Any ideas with my current hardware?  I could try using 2 more routers that do support static routes and just use the AT&T hardware as modems.  Or, one of us could drop AT&T and share the internet with the other (less than ideal, and that might break a user agreement).  Any other options?


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Re: Bridging two NVG589 networks

I'm not sure this setup is going to work as you intend. Probably a better method is to use two of your own routers, one at your house and another at brother's house, and use DMZPlus on the AT&T gateways. Then set up static routes in your routers. This way you're not relying on the AT&T gateways to do LAN routing.

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