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Block incoming connections by IP


Block incoming connections by IP

Hi.  May I request that a simple feature - block incoming requests by IP/ranges - be added to the firewall settings in the residential gateway?  Thanks.

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Re: Block incoming connections by IP

Why?  They can't get thru unless you put the IP addy in DMZ

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Re: Block incoming connections by IP

The device allows allows NATing so a device on the inside can have a port exposed to the outside without being in the DMZ.  But it allows all IPs ont he outside to be NAT-d in; I just wanted that restricted.

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Re: Block incoming connections by IP

Logster_99: The general operating condition of the firewall is to deny all incoming requests, but permit the (inside) user to allow external hosts in by explicitly putting them in an "allowed" list that includes the necessary protocol ID (web, FTP, games ...).
If you log into the gateway and follow the settings | firewall tabs, you can see how it is set, and change the settings to permit external hosts access to our inside network.
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Re: Block incoming connections by IP


Right but I cannot control the incoming IP range.  No worries, I got a separate firewall and put it in the DMZ for this.  Thanks for all your suggestions.

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Re: Block incoming connections by IP

I have a great anti malware & add ware system. Since I have installed uTorrent 3.3.2 I have had a flood of IP Numbers trying to access my system; even when I am not on the internet. I have written to the IP providers. I get no response, I get you have to prove it, I get we will research it, here is your case number.


I really want the ability by ATT to block these numbers.

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