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Bitloading + erratic speeds + slow uploads + upload stream on bitloading split into two


Bitloading + erratic speeds + slow uploads + upload stream on bitloading split into two

for the past week i have had problems with my original gateway. It started with my net dropping out and my tv freezing. I contacted tech support and they did a reset on their side of my gateway. This slightly cleared up the internet problems.. That night however my TV went black and my internet went out completely. at this point i connected my DD-WRT flashed netgear router. The router is setup with opendns DNS server's for name resolution. I was able to access the net and at speeds of 18-20 mbps down and 3+ up however their remained the issues of my tv.


I contacted tech support again and a tech was sent out to repair my issues (2 days ago). I was not able to be home when he made his appearence due to work and my son let him in to do the work. The tech claimed that my DD-wrt was the root cause of the issues. He factory reset my gateway got my tv and net working again and left (Happy of the job he had done)


I am on the 25 down/6 up plan. so i got home in hopes of having a nice night of watching netflix. I started up my ps3 and started netflix. the first 30 seconds of american dad played fine however it start freezing ever 10 seconds after that complaing about poor connection quality. I proceeded to my laptop and turned on real time and went to the bitloading graph. My downstream looked lower than normal and my upstream was non existent.


I proceed to my cell, call att, and wait again for 30 minutes. i go through my issues with the tech and explain the problems i am seeing. While in this call i notice my user profile isnt set correctly and tell the tech this. it was set to 25496 kbps down and 608 kbps up and i mention this to the tech. she tells me she is just going to send a new gateway since a tech had already been to my house. Ok, that should fix most of the problems if the rest is ok anyways.


I recieved the new gateway today, set it up, and told everyone in the house to just leave the tv's and computers off while it updates the router software for the first 30 minutes. 


I am now running on this gateway and i have noticed something a little weird. My bitloading graph contains 2 sections of upload bitloading and 2 download. I am used to seeing the 2 down and 1 up however the first section of upload has me a tad perplexed. So i start monitoring my connection running speedtest every now and then.  i would like to post the results from the speedtest's however it errors out on upload everytime except once.


so here i am posting to try and get some second opinions. First no the DD-wrt is not plugged into the gateway but i com considering it since last time it seemed to work better than the gateway itself. Second i have let the router and all associated lines stay unplugged for 15 mintues before posting. 


I am at my witts end here and i am not happy with the tech that came out as it seems he did the least amount of work to get done and out of here

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Re: Bitloading + erratic speeds + slow uploads + upload stream on bitloading split into two

Yeah, your bitloading shows a small green upload band in front of the 1st yellow download band (should be yellow all the way to the left).  I'd contact ATT Customer Care here:

Send them a private message, on this link, and they should be able to give the help needed to solve your problems. They are available M-F 8am-11pm EST. This is not the regular CS/TS people, but the social media people that know the people to contact to get things done. I personally know as they've helped me on a DVR swap.

Include your account#, email address and a good phone # (land or cell) and time to contact you on.

Check the blue PM envelope, upper right, in case they replied this way. Good luck Smiley Wink



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Re: Bitloading + erratic speeds + slow uploads + upload stream on bitloading split into two

took me almost an hour to get this uploaded

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Re: Bitloading + erratic speeds + slow uploads + upload stream on bitloading split into two

Your Bitloading looks great. Explanation is fairly straight forward, there are 4 total bands in VDSL 2+ which consist of tones (which consist of a few hz of frequency, trivial overall tbh) that carry the data. There is a small upload at the front that is used as an overhead and that is normal, its your U1 band then you'll have a download band which would be your D1 then a U2 band (not the actual band but a set of frequencies) that carries the actual upload you use after which comes the D2 band that has the rest of your download. Bit capacity should taper down with your higher frequencies, on the graph it should diminish from left to right, right being the lower numbers, so yours looks great and a normal bits loading graph at that.


There are a few questions I would like to ask, as to the type of connection you are using, (wireles, wired) and what kind of setup you have at home with Uverse, INID or RG setup, these would help in helping you troubleshoot. Overall your circuit looks fine and should not be affected but yet you are.


Another note, you are on a 32mb profile, with a max line rate of 59mb and an upload of 5mb of which 2mb are used for your HSIA (high speed internet access). That is consistent with what you should get, which tells me you might have a RG setup but is not conclusive, so please provide a little more info and we can get you some more help. 

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Re: Bitloading + erratic speeds + slow uploads + upload stream on bitloading split into two

Yes  i have a RG setup. From the pole outside of my townhouse there is a total of 3 feet of cable, probably 8 inches from wall to wall and 9 feet into the house, there are no wall jacks to speak of that would be causing a bad connection.


The gateway has 3 of the rj45 ports filled 1 with the wireless ap for the wireless tvs and 2 with wired ports 1 to the lower living room tv and one 20ft cable leading back outside and into the room above, however, i have removed the jack with the 20foot cable from the RG. Room is unused right now anyways.


as for the test the ones you are viewing were taken while connected to the RG via a little 10ft run and hooked to a win 7 laptop with an i7 core. i have been randomly downloading a 200mb test file from different sites and packet captureing with wireshark to get a better view of the bitloading (The picture posted in the second post) and the pretty much all look the same. However when not testing i normally run wireless. I understand background noise can affect these test's wirelessly.


one of my neighbors is also a uverse subscriber and he allowed me on his network to do some quick testing for comparison. the garphs i saw from his connection were not as "Fuzzy" as the one i posted His bitloading was half the size with the width (Much tighter grouping)  with no large gaps. any more info you want just ask.

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Re: Bitloading + erratic speeds + slow uploads + upload stream on bitloading split into two

Hi Eclipz69,


We received your private message and one of our managers will be reaching out to you soon.




Nicole K.

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