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Billing error


Billing error

Got written estimated from rep for $109 / mo bundle.. received 1st bill and was for $194... Rep crossed out activation fee of $49 on my written estimate.. only reason I got the bundle was they said they could get it cheaper than what I

had ...  What are you going to do about the overcharges and am I going to have to go through this each month...If so, I will be cancelling soon...

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Re: Billing error

Its baffleing t osay the least. When you sign up and in my cas was for internet only at  39.00 a month plus onme time fee of 180. so far im on my third month of service  and my bill I have paid is well over 340$. FOR the INTERNET only FOR THREE MONTHS. Going into the 4th month My bill should be 39.00 if not I am tossing this service and this seams like i ahave been swindled

08/27/2013 CREDIT CARD No $69.95      
07/14/2013 CREDIT CARD No $114.90      
06/06/2013 CREDIT CARD No $151.95

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