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Billing continues after service is cancelled.

Billing continues after service is cancelled.

I canceled my service several weeks ago due to continuous billing problems with AT&T.  I'm still being billed for service I no longer have.  I am very upset.  Tonight I saw where AT&T debited my checking account, again for almost $200.00 for service I no longer have.  I am considering contact the BBB and the Attorney General's Office considering their billing practices.  I was told at the time of cancellation that I would receive a credit.  Has anyone else had this problem ...?


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Re: Billing continues after service is cancelled.

Yes, you will continue to be billed until paid in full, even though service is no longer active. Also keep in mind that if you cancel during the middle of a billing period, it can take 30 days for final billing to occur, and then until paid in full, you will continue to still receive a bill.

After 60 days of non-payment, you can be sent to collections.  As for the credit, it does not mean they are going to give you money back, it means that your bill will be adjusted for a pro-rata amount, if canceled during the middle of a billing period.

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Re: Billing continues after service is cancelled.

Hi shlbycindy2012,


I received your PM and will be contacting you soon.



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Re: Billing continues after service is cancelled.



Yes I am having same problems with ATT - after several months of promises they never do, I had voice recap done by ATT rep, and she assured me the service is stopped and cancelled. However I continue receiving bills, and when I call them, they dont see in the notes on my account anything on the cancellation!  If you find a way to fight with this outrage, let me know!

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Re: Billing continues after service is cancelled.

So do what was told to the previous customer and send a PM to customer care.

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Re: Billing continues after service is cancelled.

Same thing happened to me.  Called in Sept to let them know I was moving to an area not serviced by thgm, was told the disconnect n otice was in place, then 2 months later get billed for $200+ for serviced I never used and that should have been turned off to begin with.


I sent a PM, got bumped up to Executive Escalations, and they STILL say that I owe them $200+ despite the fact that their own systems show ZERO data/tv usage since the date I moved out.   They refuse to use logic in a way that does anything other than to tell you "The charges are valid, pay us or else".


Good luck on your issue, I filled a complaint with the BBB and they STILL refuse to work with me.  I refuse to let them hold me hostage and ruin my credit for somethig i did not use and that should have been disconnected to begin with.


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Re: Billing continues after service is cancelled.

I have the same problem.  We cancelled in December and never used the service one day because we could never get it to work.  I sent a private message to escalation department and have not received any reply.  I don't think I should have to pay for service I never received either.


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Re: Billing continues after service is cancelled.

So your saying I have to pay AT&T for service I never received or they will just keep billing me indefinately.


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Re: Billing continues after service is cancelled.

ing is happening to me. I cancelled service on March 17th, I didn't stop the auto payment and they took out for a June bill, when I called them they said, "Oh yes, we see that you cancelled on 3/17, we will take care of it and send you a check. Still have never recieved a check but yesterday another bill, with late charges. I called again, and now they say they have no record of me cancelling service, and the people i talk to are in the Phillipines. Total SCAM. I talked to this person, here badge number is ****, they won't give out theirs names, aand she said they would take care of it, but she would have to transfer me to a billing manager, she transfered me to a tech service that said I would have to pay another $5 for help. I was so upset I gave the phone to my wife, while she was trying to explain the situation, it caame to be 6 oclock central time, and they hung up on here because it was 7pm Eastern time.


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Re: Billing continues after service is cancelled.

Say it with me:  "Auto pay is a bad thing."

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Re: Billing continues after service is cancelled.

Interesting thing when I dropped my ATT POTS phone (on auto-pay) and got Basic Talk, when I called they knew I ended it 5/21 and had a $34 refund coming.  She (POTS specialist) talked to her supervisor over her shoulder and said it would be in a check that I received 2 days later.


Maybe I got everything right cause it wasn't handled by the Uverse billing, it went to the POTS specialist. Smiley Very Happy



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Re: Billing continues after service is cancelled.

You all can contact AT&T Customer Care as was instructed in an earlier post in this thread and send them a PM with your information.  They are an escalation team who can get these issues resolved quite effectively.  You can click on the hyperlink in my sig and you will be taken to their profile.

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Re: Billing continues after service is cancelled.

I am having the same problem.

Called TWICE to make sure the service would be disconnected but then they went ahead and deducted the monthly amount from my acount.

I called and after 30 min of being transfered all around was told my account was indeed cancelled but yet the Auto pay is still active.

So basicly they are stealing from me.

I now have to send a fax - and hope that in 45 DAYS I will get a refund for THEIR mistake.

I am contimplating cancelling my other services from AT&T and will NEVER do automatic payment with them again.


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