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Billing changes after term agreement


Billing changes after term agreement

I was a happy ATT U-Verse customer for 1 year. I even got my wife's business, my sister, and cousin to sign up for U-Verse. I've been recommending the service to friends and family. Then, on 07/01/2013, I got my bill. My normal bill was $171.34. The new bill was $217.48. I was told my bill would go up to $227.00 plus tax the following month! I want to keep my U450, Max Plus, and Voice Unlimited, but I cannot in good conscience pay another $70.00 (plus tax) per month for the same service I love. For 3 days, my wife and I contacted customer service. After numerous failed attempts and a supervisor not even calling us back, I spoke to Carla on day 4. I could immediately tell that she would not be helpful as she answered the phone with an attitude. I tried to explain my situation to her, but she wasn't having any of it. I told her that it doesn't make sense for me, a loyal customer, to have to pay more than a new customer for the services I've enjoyed especially when the base prices have not gone up. I simple lost my "bundle discount" (when did my bundle change?). I tried to reason with her that insurance companies give discounts when you "bundle" their services. She wouldn't budge. I asked her if I could sign a new term agreement. She said that the ones on the website for new customers don't apply to loyal customers, I would have to pay more. That is a poor business plan. I asked her what would prevent me from canceling service, and then opening a new service to get the "bundle discount". She snarled that the account is attached to my name. News flash! There are a several adults living here that I could put the service under. Finally, I had enough. Begrudgingly, I accepted the U300 service just to get the bill down to $177 plus tax (more than I am paying for less service). I was by no means happy. When she mentioned how "ATT values me as a customer" I had all I could stand and hung up on her rather than revert to my police officer voice. Please understand, I love my services. I would happily pay the $171.34 I was paying, and I understand that base prices go up from time to time. But when it does, I'd think it would be $3 or $4 dollars not $70!!!! Please help! I am extremely unhappy and miserable the way things stand. If you all cannot fix this I may have to cancel your service even if it means paying the penalty and pulling my Wireless Account. Sorry if I come off rough, but I am at wits end.

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Re: Billing changes after term agreement

When you first signed up you were offered a introduction price good for a year, I believe on you order (door to door or online) that it was understood to be a promotion price for one year, afterwards normal pricing applies. Some may see say $41 discount on TV service and $20 discount on internet service, and $10 discount on phone service resulting in a savings of $71 /month when the promo is over the bill increases $71 plus taxes.

You are correct that you may cancel and sign up as a new account, all set top boxes, DVD, RG would be returned and receive different leased equipment, result DVD recordings lost. New wireless passwords, new email account for registration, a tech visit for x numbers of hours to complete install. What is it worth to keep your current equipment and not have to spend a day on a new install with either uverse or another provider.

if I understand correctly you were able to keep same level of VOIP and HSIA but lowered tv package. Recommend retention to see if they will restore your previous deal f you are willing to spend time on another call. Thanks for posting and hope this helps.
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Re: Billing changes after term agreement

Actually, I had the foresight to make sure that the "promotion" could be retained. Don't have it in writing, but I was assured by the person at the ATT store that the promotion would be available again in a year when I re-sign the user agreement. Again, I ask what is to retain me. Yes, I would gladly spend a day with an ATT tech and lose my DVR recordings (I buy the ones I like) to save $840 - reinstall fee. Simple math.

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