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Billing & Speed Issues!


Billing & Speed Issues!

To Whom It May Concern,


Let me start by saying, I have been a proud AT&T Wireless customer since before they were Cingular Wireless (over 10 years). So it was a natural conversion for my family to choose AT&T as our internet provider.  Having said that, it pains me to have to contact you for reasons that aren't pleasant.


My husband and I just moved to Connecticut in November of 2013 from Washington DC.  We had arranged for our internet (U-Verse) self install kit to be delivered to our new location before we moved in.  The kit (included self-install modem) arrived to our new location.  My husband requested the self-installation date to begin on November 19th so that we were sure to have internet when we moved in, since I work remotely from home and rely upon an internet connection for my job.  We moved into our new house on November 25th. 

Unfortunately, when we went to complete the self-installation, we were unsuccessful despite multiple attempts. 

My husband attempted to call customer service on November 27th (as prompted on the computer screen installation instructions).  He managed to get someone on the phone who informed him that they were in another country and would assist the best they could (outsourced help desk in either India or the Philipines).  They proceeded to inform my husband that we could not complete the installation due to the lapse of our installation date.  We were VERY upset with this news, since we were not previously informed that there was a time-limit to a self-installation.  The person on the phone informed my husband that the next installation date would not be until December 11th!  As you can only imagine, I was FURIOUS!  My work depends upon an internet connection, since I work remotely from home!  December 11th would NOT be an option for us.  My husband asked for a sooner date and the person on the phone was unable to provide him with one.  My husband then asked: "WHY do we need an install date, if we specifically asked for a 'self-installation' kit!"  The person on the phone could not provide him with an answer.  She said that she would have to speak with the IT department and they were currently unavailable because of the holiday. My husband asked to speak with a manager who could make a different decision.  The person on the phone put my husband on hold and never returned to the phone (he was on hold for about 60 minutes or more).  My husband then called back and got a different person on the phone.  This person was unable to access our account, since the previous person put a 'lock' on the account.  By this time it was late into the evening and we decided it would be best to call again on Friday (November 29th - the day after thanksgiving).

Friday, November 29th 2013, we called again. This time, we were told that we could move the installation date up to December 9th.  This date was still completely UNACCEPTABLE!  We were told that we could call again the next day to speak with someone in another department. 

Sunday, December 1st 2013, we called again.  This time, we were able to speak with a helpful young man who was able to make arrangements for our installation to occur the next day on December 2nd 2013 between 9-11am.

December 2nd came... at 11am, we still had NO internet.  I tried again at 11:30 and still NO internet.  At this point, I had already lost over 5 days of income!!!

I called customer service.

A young man answered the phone. I told him that the internet was still not working and that no one ever came by the house to perform an installation (NOTE: we were never told what the installation actually entailed, up until this point).

The young man explained to me that an 'installation' consisted of someone in the 'field' to go to a switchbox in Hartford and flipping a switch to turn our internet on.  He further explained that previously, they were having issues with the switchbox, but those issues were since resolved.  He then told me that indeed our switch was turned on shortly after 9am.  I then told him, that despite the 'switch' being turned on, our internet will still NOT working. He told me that he would arrange to have a technician come to the house that same day to assess/trouble-shoot the situation and complete the installation process. I proceeded to tell him how much of an ordeal this has all been. Had we known that a technician would ultimately need to come to the house, we would've requested that from the beginning.  Why didn't someone in AT&T offer this previously instead of giving us the 'runaround'?  I let him know that I was EXTREMELY dissatisfied with my entire experience with AT&T U-Verse (this experience has been a complete contrast to my typical interractions with AT&T Wireless). I told him that I have lost valuable income due to the lack of an internet connection. I asked him if I could speak with a manager or someone who could possibly compensate us for our troubles, since at this point I have lost income and we were going to be billed for service that we DID NOT have!  He told me that he would be able to grant any necessary compensation needed.  He offered to provide us with a month of free service and he waived the technician fees (meaning, having a technician complete the installation would be of NO cost to us).  I accepted the compensation offer.  Shortly after our conversation, the technician arrived (around 2pm).  He completed his installation process and our internet was up and running.  He even did a speed test and our speed was just where it needed to be (both wirelessly and directly connected to the modem via ethernet cord).


Sadly, since we've received our connection, we have received MORE trouble with U-Verse. Below, I have itemized and described our outstanding issues that need remedy:


1. our bill seems to be including the technician fee from 12/2.  According to the customer service agent I spoke with on Dec 2nd, this fee was supposed to be waived to compensate us for our troubles!!! Our bill is supposed to be $56.28/month and somehow it is now $188!----We are requesting that our bill be adjusted immediately to reverse the technician charges. 

2. we DID NOT receive our first month of service free of charge!!! (same as above, the tech I spoke with on Dec 2nd said that because of our troubles our first month would be free as compensation).----We are requesting that we receive the free month of service promised.  Although, at this point, we are now requesting to be compensated for 2 months free service (given that we still aren't satisfied and our service was supposed to start in November and it's now almost February).

3. the internet speed has since GREATLY diminished.  I just performed a speed test and our download speed is 1.27Mbps and the upload speed is 0.86Mbps.  I receive the same speed results when connected to the ethernet cord.  This speed has made it impossible to complete certain tasks associated with my job, AGAIN I am losing income because of AT&T U-Verse. We purchased the Max Plus service, which means our speed should be at 18Mbps (NOT 1.27)!---- We are requesting a faster internet connection at no addtional cost to us.  OR, please have someone assess why the connection is this slow.


We would like the 3 issues above addressed IMMEDIATELY!  I would prefer to have a manager contact me directly via phone so that we can resolve our 3 issues in a timely and friendly fashion. 

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Re: Billing & Speed Issues!

Posts that are very long are not always read completely, but yours was well written.  This forum is peer-to-peer and most members are subscribers just like you.  There are some AT&T employees who partcipate, but if you want to escalate your issue, then I would suggest that you contact AT&T Customer Care via private message. These are not the same people as the CS/TS reps you call--they are social media managers who can connect you with the right people to escalate your issue. Include your name, account number and your contact information. Watch the blue envelope at the top right of your screen--they usually reply within 1-2 business days.

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Re: Billing & Speed Issues!

Hello @allison-franks 


Thank you for posting and welcome to the forums. I see that you've sent a message, thank you, and our social media care team is already working with you. Thank great, they're very good and I'm sure they'll be able to address your concerns.



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