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Billing Charges and hidden fees


Billing Charges and hidden fees

In May I called ATT about my dsl internet that was moving incredibly slow. The numbers were way lower than they should be. They sent a technician out to check the lines and fix it. I reviewed my bills and see a charge for $99 because they had to come check their lines??? What the heck?? First of all, the customer service rep NEVER mentioned a fee for ATT to come check the line and fix it. but $99 showed up on my bill. I believe ATT is a complete rip off....


I just reviewed all of my bills for the last year that I have had service and it's full of hidden charges. from the $30 restoral Fee...what the heck is that? In no communication do they tell you the reconnection charge is $ the bogus self install assistance fee.  I didn't need anyone to help me install my internet. they came to fix a line.


The reason I've reviewed my bills is because I felt like I was being overcharged and sure enough We were! Lot's of hidden charges, the bills are hard to understand and You're over doing it with the $30 reconnection fee. Especially when your client's service charge is only $48.


I want my $99 back.

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Re: Billing Charges and hidden fees

Thank you for sharing, when the tech was dispatched, what problem was discovered and did it resolve the issue.
If issue was from customer side of NID to RG, poor cabling, bad jack, grounding issue, bad data cable (pet chewed on wires), power supply, etc.
These would all come under customer responsibility and would be a billable service charge ($99) unless you have the wire maintenance plan, a monthly fee added to your bill to cover these items. Now if issue was outside of NID, then should have been no charges.

$30 reconnect fee referred to service cutoff due to non payment. To restore service charged $30 per service according to TOS agreed to when accepted service.
"Suspension/Termination by AT&T. Your Services may be suspended or terminated if your payment is past due. AT&T may also suspend or terminate your Services if it is determined that there is previously unpaid, undisputed, and outstanding debt for U-verse service. Such suspension or termination may continue until satisfactory arrangements have been made for the payment of all past unpaid charges. While your Services are suspended you will not receive automatic credit balances (if any are due) and billing will continue for your monthly charges, and any applicable promotional offers may be discontinued and revoked as determined solely by AT&T. You will be charged a fee to restore your Service from suspension."

A failed self assist charge applies when ordered customer self install and have issues with completing your install. Again if outside NID should have been no charge, inside would be billable, again $99 fee.
Acording to your terms of service may dispute any bill within 60 days of billing.
"Bill Inquiries and Refunds. If you believe you have been billed in error for the Services, please notify us within 60 days of the billing date by contacting Customer Service (1-800-288-2020). AT&T will not issue refunds or credits after the expiration of this 60-day period, except where required by law or regulation."

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