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Bill increase


Bill increase

I have been an ATT customer for several years (first just a wireless account then UVerse). 

I have had my UVerse account for at least 2 yrs now. For the past few months, my bill has increased every month. When I initially signed up for ATT I asked how much the bill would increase after the promotoin period. I was told it would still be cheaper than the Comcast acocunt I had (at $150). My bill this month is $171.87. 

Now I do not understand how the bill CONTINUES to increase. Another issue I am having is that we have had to reorder 2 DVR boxes because of issues we are having with the box not starting up after being shut off. I just received another replacement box and it is STILL having the same issue. 

I am a VERY unhappy customer right now.

I am going to cancel my Uverse service and possibly switch my mobile service if I can not get some sort of customer service.

I am posting here because calling to complain is impossible because I do not have the time to sit on the phone for hours just to finally talk to someone that can not help with situation. This is very POOR customer service. REDICULOUS!!

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Re: Bill increase

Concerning dvr , on HDMI cable ? DVD comes back on after rebooting (unplug or hold power button)?

Suspect answers to both is yes, change HDMI cable to 5 component cable....uverse 720p and 1080i work the same HDMI definitely for 1080p (bluray) but uverse is not 1080p. Issue is with some TVs and uverse boxes not properly handshaking on shut down. Many TVs this is not an issue but some brands and models it is, does not matter how many DVR boxes you replace the solution is to change the type of cable.
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Re: Bill increase

Heatherd, click on the hyperlink in my sig and you will be taken to AT&T Customer Care's profile.  They are an escalaltion team that can help you get this resolved quickly.  Send them a PM with your info and the issue and someone will contact you.  Watch the blue envelope at the top of the forum page as they will contact you via PM as well.

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