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Benefits of Router vs Upgrading Speed


Benefits of Router vs Upgrading Speed

Currently, the 2Wire 3600 HGV Gateway provides Wireless G features.


Right now, I have Uverse Max at 12 mbps and am planning to upgrade to 24 mbps.


I have a choice between upgrading my internet speed or adding a Wireless AC router behind the 2wire.


What are the benefits of upgrading my internet speed plan vs getting an wireless ac router?



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Re: Benefits of Router vs Upgrading Speed

The performance gain will be in upgrading your speed unless you need to run a router behind your RG

there will not be a gain unless your computer can take use of 802.11ac and then it will not be any faster than your speed in which you pay for just a longer coverage area and throughput since it is beaming.

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Re: Benefits of Router vs Upgrading Speed

A new router isn't going to help you out too much as even with the outdated 802.11g the throughput is stll 54Mbs. So even at 24Mbs your 802.11g will be right there with you. I would say, upgrade both because there are benefits of having your own router, but increased Internet speed is not one of them unless you are a Gigapower subscriber. For me having increased local network speeds is important, but I am certainly not in the majority.

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Re: Benefits of Router vs Upgrading Speed

Thank you for your responses.


As I see it, adding a dual-band router will allow my internet to not slow down for my wireless n and ac devices. However, for best of both worlds, an upgrade in internet speed would be useful too.


The downside is that either way there will always be a limit of 1024 NAT connections.

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