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Belkin back-up unit repeatedly shuts down?


Belkin back-up unit repeatedly shuts down?

Two weeks ago my battery back-up failed.  We assumed the battery needed replacing because it has been years since it was installed.  I bought and replaced the battery.  At first everything seemed fine.  Then after a few days the battery back-up went red and alarmed again and we lost internet and tv.  I checked all the plugs and connections, and then I turned off the Belkin battery unit and turned it back on.  It reset and seemed to be working again.  Then a few days later it went out again.  Every few days it does this, and if I turn it off and turn it back on it's okay again.  Anyone have any idea what could be causing this?

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Re: Belkin back-up unit repeatedly shuts down?

Which RG do you have, 3800, 3801, i38hg IU with iNID.
If 3800 Belkin unit black or grey, if black recommend call for replacement for grey, can be shipped directly to you.
You talk of losing internet d tv, do you still have VOIP service, if not do not need new BBU, just request a power brick and cord
The power supply is $10, the cord is $7 total $17.
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